Speyside Way – Video

Sit back and enjoy all 106km of the Speyside Way from Aviemore to Buckie in only 3 minutes from my hike in June 2018…

6 responses to “Speyside Way – Video

  1. Hi Kat,
    Wonderful videos with haunting music. Marvellous to do the Speyside and West Highland Ways from my armchair. Sadly not one step recorded on my Fitbit. Keep Walking!

    Jean xx

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  2. Morning Kat-
    Loved the Speyside video. Watched it several times and shared it with a friend who also enjoyed it. Well edited, music great. Looking for more. Also like the usable information on your journeys. Am looking forward to following in your footsteps on some of the trails after I heal from bilateral knee replacement and can hit the trails again.
    Safe journey and thanks for sharing.

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    • Thanks Isabelle,
      Your kind words mean a lot to me. Wishing you a speedy and smooth recovery from your bilateral knee replacement – you’ll be back on the trail and stronger than ever before you know it!!
      Kat xxx


  3. Just finished your excellent Speyside Way video when YouTube auto-loaded your PCT video. Jeez Hummingbird how did I miss seeing this before. Fabulous. Zigzag

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    • Hey Zigzag,
      I’m so glad you liked it. Without your help and advice on my ankle I couldn’t have finished the PCT or made the video, so I’m forever grateful for meeting you!!
      I hope you and Mrs Zigzag are well xxx


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