Camino Portuguese guidebook – available now!

Well the cat’s out of the bag, or in this case, the Camino Portuguese guidebook I’ve been working on the past two years is about to hit a bookstore near you!

It’s been an incredible experience and my love for Portugal and Spain has grown immensely, as has my waistline after the hundreds of Pastel de Nata’s consumed in the making.

Thank you to everyone who helped along the way; I went to write a book and I came back with friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Take Jorge for example. He said hi to me on the street as I was passing through Esposende. The next thing I knew, I was saying yes to his invitation to go camping in Geres NP the following day where I met a wonderful bunch of people including Filipe, who went on to introduce me to the best grilled octopus I’ve ever had at Restaurante Bagoeira in Barcelos. I met Roi in Padrón one morning in a pharmacy; Roi is a podiatrist and was eager to see what thousands of kilometres had done to my feet (!) and also knew the best tapas bar in town for the local wine and cuttlefish croquettes, Secreto do Vino.

Thank you Cicerone for the opportunity to write this book, and thank you Howard – without your help, support and endless proof reading this could never have been achieved.

The Camino Portuguese is a truly magical experience. The people are kind-hearted and friendly, the landscape varies from farmland to lush green hills, eucalyptus forests and endless stunning coastline, pre-Roman and Roman ruins are in abundance, and the food – the most delicious pastries you could ever try (for breakfast!) and meals using good honest produce plucked from the field or sea are served up each day. The sun shines, the people smile. If you’ve walked a Camino, you’ll know the phrase, ‘The Camino Provides,’ and if you haven’t, you’re in for a wonderful adventure.

Bom Caminho!

Available: 15th May 2018

For more info, see: 

Camino Portugués guidebook
Camino Portugués guidebook


18 responses to “Camino Portuguese guidebook – available now!

  1. Well huge congratulations Kat, I can’t wait to read it. I have loved your blogs and think you write extremely well so it is a real treat in store.

    Would be so grand to catch up. Bryan (do you remember the Australian older guy who was in Myoko for awhile) who like you kept me sane (ish) when I was there, is coming to England would be great if you are around when he is here and we could meet up. Will ping you details if ever you are free.

    I am doing a course in Kings Cross on a monday so if you are ever free at about 6 on a monday would be lovely to have a catch up??

    lots of love and congratulations

    Marina >

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  2. Very exciting Kat!

    I walked the Camino Frances in ’17. Loved every step. I plan to walk the Portuguese beginning 1 April of ’19. I have enjoyed reading your posts thoroughly and look forward to purchasing your guide in May. I have read Brierley’s cover to cover already!

    Continued success to you!


    Sally Leland


  3. Hi Kat ! Congratulations !!! this will the best Caminho Português guide ever made !!! and remember … “the world needs nata” 🙂 much success !!! Well done !

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  4. This is awesome. I have done a portion of the Camino in Spain. I want to take my sister and she loves the beach. We may do this shorter route through Portugal. I’ll look for your book.

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