Gear List – Hadrian’s Wall

I walked the Hadrian’s Wall Path in August 2014 and had cold, windy and wet weather.  This list reflects that time of the year. There is however a baggage service which can pick up and drop off your bag at your destination daily. Howard used the Walkers Baggage Transport company and it cost £7 daily, he usually booked the same day for the next’s day pick up. If using this service just make sure to bring a daypack big enough for food, water, wet weather gear, extra socks, fleece etc to carry with you.
Starting from the bottom up…
  • Hiking Shoes – Again I wore my Salomon GTX XA Ultra 3D shoes as I’m much more comfortable in shoes than boots and I also use two poles to steady me on rocky paths, but this comes down to personal preference. The first and last day was road / path walking and the middle days were through fields (often muddy) and some uneven terrain where you need to be careful with your ankles.
  • Sandals – for shower and evening -I love my TEVA Tirra sandals
  • Socks x 3 lightweight smartwool
  • Hiking pants x 1, green Kiwi Pro-Stretch Craghoppers – quick dry, lightweight, stretchy and comfortable
  • Waterproof pants – a necessity walking in England!
  • Gators – These were terrific over my wet weather pants for all the muddy fields
  • Shorts x 1, poly material, light, quickdry, zip pockets for money
  • Knee brace – I have a bad knee
  • Underpants x 3 – I wear Icebreaker hipkini, I find merino is the best for breathability and quick dry
  • Shirts x 2 short-sleeve quick-dry t-shirts (washed one each evening and wore the alternative one to dinner)
  • Sports bra x 2
  • Icebreaker sleeves – these are one of my favourite items. I wear them with short sleeve t-shirts and it saves me from constantly taking off and putting on a fleece, I can simply roll them down my arm if I get hot.
  • Buff – to keep your neck warm, but can also be used as a hat, headband etc
  • Fleece x 1 – a lightweight merino
  • Jacket x 1 – Macpac Event – invest in a good waterproof, breathable and lightweight jacket unless you take an umbrella or good poncho
  • Hat – I use a sports cap that fits under my rain jacket hood and helps to keep the rain off my face
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack – I use a Lowe Airzone Trek ND33-40, it’s lightweight and small
  • Backpack raincover
  • Backpack liner – I recommend using a dry bag inside your backpack for extra protection against rain, I have a 40 litre dry bag inside mine.
  • Mesh bags for inside pack to compartmentalise clothes
  • Guidebook – Trailblazer Hadrian’s Wall Path by Henry Stedman, 4th Edition
  • Ziplock bags – for keeping things like passport/guidebook/pilgrim’s passport etc dry and also good for storing leftover food if you cook. Pack as many as you can.
  • Water Container –  1 x 2 litre water bottle and tube
  • Walking poles – I use and love my PACER POLES
  • Headlamp – only really necessary if staying in hostels or walking before or after sunrise
  • Alarm Clock – use phone/watch
  • Clothes Line – I have the lifeventure pegless clothes line and it is the most used item I own!
  • Towel: ULTRALIGHT PACKTOWEL (you can rent one in most YHA’s and they are provided in B&B’s / pubs)
  • Ear plugs – definitely a necessity in the hostels
  • Eye mask – good to use in hostels when headlamps are shining your way
  • Foldable daypackSea to summit Ultra Sil 20l pack
  • Sleeping Bag – I didn’t take mine on this walk because all of the accommodation (hostels / B&B’s / pubs) provided bedding
  • S hook – I took one from my dad’s garden and use it for hanging things up in showers when there are no hooks
  • Safety pins – for hanging wet clothes on your pack to dry
  • Camera – I use a Sony RX 100 compact digital camera
  • GPS – I use a Garmin 62s and find it helpful for recording my tracks, distances, elevation etc
  • Phone – I use my iPhone as a second camera
  • Nano – I like listening to music and audiobooks whilst walking
  • Chargers for camera/phone/nano…
  • Adaptor Plug – if you’re not from England
  • Spare batteries – AA for my GPS and AAA for my headlamp
  • Shampoo – None of the B&B’s we stayed at provided shampoo. I use a LUSH shampoo bar for hair and body and it lasts more than a month
  • Soap – multi-purpose soap for washing clothes, body, hair etc
  • Toothbrush – Kathmandu does small, folding and lightweight toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste – bring a small tube and you can always buy more
  • Toilet paper / tissues – inevitably you’ll have to go somewhere along the trail but please take your rubbish with you
  • FirstAid Kit– compeed blister pack, needle and thread, antiseptic cream, betadyne, ibuprofen, painkillers, sunscreen, lip balm, scissors, tweezers, Imodium, anti-histamine, antibacterial hand gel

2 responses to “Gear List – Hadrian’s Wall

  1. Everyone has a different list. I use waterproof lightweight stuff sacks of different colors. it is my second layer of defense against rain and each bag has a purpose, sleeping bag, socks etc. Congradulations on your continued journeys …….. Willy Littig


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