Camino Portuguese – Elevation Profiles

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Here are the daily elevation profiles created with my Garmin 62s GPS.


  • There is no day 6, as this was my rest day in Tomar.

  • The height is measured in metres and the distance in kilometres.

  • Don’t forget you can click on any picture to enlarge the graphs so you can see the details.

4 responses to “Camino Portuguese – Elevation Profiles

  1. Hello

    I’m thinking of mountain biking the Portuguese route in May, I’ve done 2/3 rds of the Frances route (off-road, not the road route some tourers follow) and there’s some big climbs! From your elevation maps, the Portuguese route doesn’t seem too bad, how do to the two routes compare? Is second half of May a good time to start, weather wise? Appreciate you walked, but did surface seem mostly bikeable and did you see many cyclists en route? Were there many hostels and/or opportunities to camp? Sorry for all the questions, would value your feedback!



    • Hi Richard,
      Can I just ask where you’re planning to start, Lisbon or Porto? And if you think you’d like to continue along the central route from Porto to Santiago or the coastal route? This will help me answer your questions 🙂


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