21 responses to “Camino Primitivo – Video Gallery

    • Thanks Paul, I love my new nickname 🙂

      I’m sure there’s a much easier and quicker way to do it, but my photos were on my iPad so I used the iMovie app to add music, adjust the length of each clip, added transitions and panning, then transferred the video to my laptop and used Adobe Premier Elements 12 to add the titles… Adobe Premier Elements works great with editing videos but not so good with making slideshows from photos in my opinion. But as I say, there has to be a more efficient way!! 🙂


  1. such a lovely video and beatific look of the peregrino/a. I have thought about doing this for years but Kilimanjaro, Macchu Picchu, Patagonia, SE Asia (and work) interceded. I have no excuse now and am thinking of late May/early June. This inspired me to make sure – inshallah – it happens. Thanks.

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  2. Hi Kat. I just discovered today that I have quote some holidaydays left and decided to do another camino. Did the portugues in june this summer and primitivo look absolutely amazing. So with just a few details to claer I hope I’ll be off in april. Thank you so much for sharing your photos


  3. Thank you for the wonderfully evocative photographs. I’m leaving for the Primitivo in a few weeks, and you make it look incredible. I can’t wait!


  4. Oh! What a shame it ended! I could have watched that for an hour or so. Kat – you have great talent producing a film like that – the pictures are amazing – I loved that muddy dog!!! I plan to walk the Primitivo next May: it will be my sixth camino. Blessings from Suffolk UK ….. Stephen.

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  5. Thanks for your amazing video. My own first Camino delayed sinds 2015 (brother passed away), things happen till 2017. But I’m planning to start the Primitivo from Oviedo (mid april-mei 2018). What can I expect?? Blessings from Haarlem Netherlands…..Tikky


    • Hi Leonard, I’m sorry to hear about your brother. The Primitivo is a beautiful Camino that spends days in the mountains, I wrote a day-by-day account on my blog, but I’m sure you’ll love it!
      Buen Camino!


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