Hiking the Cornish Coast

Through the summer 2020, I hiked around the incredibly beautiful coast of Cornwall, following the South West Coastal Path. Katrina was with me every step of the way. I dedicate every mile completed, every butterfly, every cooling breeze, every mushroom, every clump of moss, every river crossing, every stunning view, the joy, the pain and […]

Memorial benches in London

Places to reflect, remember and maybe even feel inspired by the nature, majesty of St Paul’s and memories of Kat. We used to walk down to St Paul’s Cathedral all the time. In springtime, Kat was always keen to check up on the cherry blossom trees just over the road, on the south side. Fingers […]

A tribute to Kat ‘Hummingbird’ Davis

You will recall that Kat did a lot of hiking with KC along the PCT back in 2015. In July 2019, they did their last hike together – the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path – to, I should add, an insane schedule. This is KC’s beautiful tribute to Kat: To my friend Kat, You stuck out in […]