PCT Video

*** New, improved and shorter ***

2,650 miles (4,264 km) – 160 days – 5 pairs of shoes – 1 mamma bear & 2 cubs – too many snakes to count – stunning scenery – friendly hiker faces – snow – thunderstorms – rain – heat… in less than 20 minutes.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did walking the trail and reliving it when making this video.


Video Gallery    or   PCT homepage

25 responses to “PCT Video

  1. Ooh Kat, would love to see this, but the links don’t work, you get re-directed to youtube then that says video not available….

    Christine (CornishCreams)

    sent from my eyepad



  2. It was wonderful to remember this huge once in a lifetime experience. Congrats Kat! Nice pics, nice edit, great music! looking forward for Ur next Camino 😉


  3. Equal parts inspirational and down right scary! Loved the photos. Thanks so much for sharing, I am a camino addict but not sure I have the stamina and bravery to tackle the PCT…..so tempting though…thanks again


  4. Nicely tied together this video. Loved the mileage count, food highs and those starrie nights. Oh and also the music mix.
    What was that black, shining rock you had in your hand?

    Liked by 1 person

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