* Updated August 2019 *

When walking for 9-10 hours a day, it doesn’t take long to get bored of my own thoughts and reach for my earphones (just one ear so I can still hear what’s going on around me; the PCT taught me that little gem when I almost stepped on a rattlesnake because I couldn’t hear the rattle!) These are my favourite podcasts when not listening to audiobooks, music or the birds. As always, please leave a comment if you have a favourite podcast not mentioned 🙂


  • Tough Girl Podcast
    • By the incredible Sarah Williams of Tough Girl Challenges. “Every episode of the Tough Girl Podcast is full of inspiring stories of women overcoming great challenges” – from Sarah’s website.
  • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations
    • These conversations with many famous names and spiritual people are truly inspiring. I particularly love the interviews with Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert. This is one of my favourite podcasts.
  • Tony Robbins Podcast
    • It would be impossible not to be inspired and motivated by anything touched by Tony Robbins and this is certainly no exception! There’s so many amazing episodes on this podcast!
  • Happy Place by Fearne Cotton
    • Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast breaks down the barriers of mental health and discusses topics like happiness, friendship, relationships, the impact of social media etc. Fearne’s a brilliant interviewer and I always find these podcasts really interesting.
  • Deliciously Ella Podcast
    • I’ve learnt so much from listening to these podcasts and particularly loved the one about sleep. Ella and her husband Matt are down to earth and wonderful interviewers with each podcast thoughtfully researched and inspiring.

Camino related

  • Project Camino 
    • Brendan Bolton is a terrific interviewer and the focus of this podcast is “for people to share their personal insights as to how they have ‘taken the Camino home with them.’” I was interviewed for this podcast and Brendan made me laugh (and cry!) while reminiscing about my first Camino de Santiago.
  • The Camino Podcast
    • This is a terrific podcast about all things Camino, I especially loved the Johnnie Walker interview and the informative episode about bed bugs!
  • Coffee Break Spanish
    • I’ve been meaning to learn Spanish full time for years now, but in the meantime these podcasts are really helpful in learning the basics.


  • Desert Island Discs
    • This is the greatest concept of interviewing someone, ever! Celebrities, politicians, artists, writers etc are all asked to pick their favourite 8 songs and explain the sentimental value behind each one. They are then asked which one book and one luxury item they would take with them if they were to be castaway onto a desert island as well as which one song (disc) they would save from the waves. It’s fascinating and has been on air since 1942!
  • Hamish & Andy
    • For something light-hearted, these two Aussie guys have a podcast and back catalog of hundreds of episodes of their (now finished) radio show. It’s usually impossible for me to listen to them without laughing out loud as I walk.
  • Serial 
    • Riveting podcasts about actual events.
  • TED Talks
    • Technology, Entertainment & Design since 1984 – “TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading… You’ll find TEDTalks to inspire, intrigue and stir the imagination from some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers…” – from Ted Talks website. Honestly, there’s a TED talk on practically everything you could ever want to know, hours and hours of great podcasts right here.

9 responses to “Podcasts

  1. Hi Kat. You could also consider Richard Fidler’s Conversation Hour – ABC Radio. Fascinating and entertaining interviews of a broad range of people from scientists to politicians to movie stars to athletes. He has a fabulous interviewing style. He was originally part of the Doug Anthony All-stars, so it can be quite funny too! Enjoy! Mel

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  2. That is a sensational post. Yes there are times when you need stimulation. Parts of Portugal last August were a mental challenge due to the heat and in some early sections of the camino I was by myself .
    So music is a must. At night I listen to a number of meditation u tubes.
    I like Lilian Eden,” Meet your spirit guide” ,this puts me to sleep immediately.
    July the first I’m walking Camino del Norte. Starting in Santander. I believe you walked the entire coastal route and didn’t cross over into
    Primitivo. Any reason for this? Warm Regards Gregory


    • Hi Gregory,
      I’m looking up Lilian Eden right now, thanks!
      I’ve not walked the Norte (yet) but I have walked the Primitivo and it’s definitely my favourite mountainous camino, it’s really beautiful especially if you can do the optional Hospitales route. Have a terrific time on the Norte, maybe I should put that on my list for 2017 too! 🙂
      Buen Camino,


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