Day 4, Pamplona to Lorca, 37.6km

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May 4th, 2013

We left Pamplona at 6:45am and headed uphill through the wind turbines, it was a beautiful sunny day with roman roads and bridges.


Hans and I said goodbye to Liz as 20 km seemed too easy and it was still early so we decided to push on to the next town… only to find it was completely full. We went to the next town and next until we arrived at Lorca (all full), and now we were pretty weary after 37.6 km and sunburnt. The kind man at the albergue in Lorca offered us his garage to sleep in, all we had to do was just wait for the bar to close so he could lock-up and take us there. At 9:30pm he took us to the garage… I think he saw my jaw drop when he opened the garage door, either that, or he saw a few rats scuttle across the concrete ground and as neither Hans or I had a mat to sleep on, the cold, hard, concrete floor didn’t look so appealing… The man quickly offered us the bar that we’d just come from, saying we could sleep on the floor or on the tables, whatever we preferred. We said yes straight away knowing it would have a few less rats and be considerably warmer!

Today’s lesson was that you need to arrive by 1pm in order to get a bed… or bring a tent!

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