Day 10, Coimbra to Mealhada, 26.9km

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  • June 20th, 2014
  • Mealhada: Albergue Hilario (€10 for a mixed dorm)
  • Weather: Lovely, 26 degrees

My sleeping buddy Joanna left at 6am and I slept in because I was planning to visit the old university again before leaving Coimbra. (I was told it had the nicest library in the world so I thought I should check it out).

I took my time and eventually got to the university around 10am. I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside but the library was pretty special and I’m glad I hung around in the morning to see it.

When I finally left Coimbra it was just after midday – usually I would almost be arriving at my destination by this time! It was supposed to be a short stage though and the weather is cooler than last week so I wasn’t fussed about walking through the afternoon and arriving late.

There’s not much to say about the walk other than quiet forest trails interspersed with busy highways and lots of small villages.

I arrived in Mealhada at the albergue Hilario (€10 for a mixed dorm) around 6:30pm and after showering and washing my clothes it was time for dinner. The specialty dish of this town and region is called Leitao which is suckling pig so I headed for a restaurant to indulge in this. The meals are always so big here, way too much for one person after they give you bread, olives, cheese, wine and then the dish you’ve ordered! The pork was delicious though, as expected. Joanna was staying at the other end of town in the bombeiros and came and found me in the restaurant so I was able to share some of my meal with her. We compared notes about today’s walk then said Bom Caminho and goodnight.

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