Day 6, Temples 20 – 21, 24 km

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  • Friday 11 October 2013
  • Weather: Rainy, Hot & Humid, 30⁰C  
  • Temples: 20 – 21, (Kakurinji, Tairyuji) 24 km
  • Accommodation: Japanese Inn (Sasanka, 0884-36-3701, next to Temple 22), ¥6,300 including dinner and breakfast

As predicted, it rained during the night but luckily the tent was under the shop roof so we didn’t get wet. It was still raining lightly and very humid when we set off at around 7am and the first part of the path was a very steep climb up a hill to Temple 20. The climb was very atmospheric walking through mist with the sun trying to shine through the bamboo forest and moss covered trees … It was a hard climb but we were rewarded with its beauty and then the ancient temple on top of the mountain.

We had to go back down to the bottom of the valley and up the opposite mountain to reach Temple 21. Luckily most of the day was in the mountains so we had the forest cover rather than the burning sun bearing down on us.

We saw a snake on the trail but weren’t sure what type it was, we took a couple of photos then let him be. We’ve seen heaps of squashed snakes on the road and that was the second alive one but the first we could take a picture of.

Today we received ‘osettai’ from a Temple stamp lady (a lovely Japanese tissue holder) and Dave received a bell from a monk.

I proved how tired I was by falling asleep on a concrete road after 2 minutes of lying down to stretch my back… Dave let me sleep for 10 minutes which was nice!

We pushed on hard and fast to try and get to Temple 22 before it closed at 5pm but we missed it by just a couple of minutes. Our accommodation was right next door in a traditional Japanese pension on tatami mats with futons and a big delicious Japanese dinner.

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