Day 9, No Temples (Tebajima Guesthouse), 24km

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  • Monday 14 October 2013
  • Weather: Hot, 26⁰C 
  • Temples: None, 24km
  • Accommodation: Tebajima Guesthouse on Tebajima island, ¥3,500 including dinner and breakfast, 090-7574-7879

I slept well in the tent and got up early to pack it away before the trains and the morning rush of people began.

Patrick had also camped at the services stop and we all left together to walk along the coastal ‘Sunliner’ route. The views of the ocean, islands and coves were spectacular.

Yesterday I had called ahead to a guesthouse on an island called Tebajima that was on the list of cheap/free accommodation that we had received from Temple 1. We thought it would be a fun experience to take a ferry and stay on a small island for the night.

It was an easy 24km walk along the coastal route and we arrived in the town of Mugi just after midday. We found a supermarket and bought lunch then found the port where the ferry would be leaving at 1:30pm for the 10 minute ride across to Tebajima.

Tebajima has a population of 70 with no cars. We asked for directions to the guesthouse when we arrived and were told it was the yellow house around the harbour. Our host, Kazu, was out shopping when we arrived so we wandered around the narrow streets and commented on how old and deserted most of the houses looked. When we returned, we met Kazu and he told us to make ourselves at home and that he was going surfing. Patrick and I borrowed some snorkel gear and went snorkelling; there were more colourful fish than I was expecting but the water clarity wasn’t good because there’s another typhoon expected and it was already quite choppy.

Dinner was a delicious Japanese vegetarian meal with lots of different types of seaweed, tofu and radish. We had a terrific conversation with Kazu after dinner, then he took us on a walk around the island.

There’s a typhoon expected tomorrow so the severity of the rain and wind will determine how far we walk. It was a fun day walking as three!

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