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  1. Knock me over! What 50+ posts in a day? But then you don’t know what moderation really is, especially when you walked 1200kms in a funny looking pilgrim outfit! Make sure you don’t get your pilgrim’s mixed up next time you’re in Spain, unless you want to draw plenty of attention to yourself! Being a little lazy, I haven’t attempted to count up the number of clicks you have walked since embarking on your “little” adventures, but suggest maybe a km counter on your home page?

    I’m enjoying your blogging and am impressed with the amount of hits you have generated in such a short amount of time compared to ours which has been running for over 18 months. But then you have done some amazing walks! Like to know what your secret is in getting time off and covering your costs? Did you pull off a sponsorship deal? We’ll be heading off over the Melbourne Cup day weekend to “The Prom” for a couple days hiking to keep us keen and hoping for some inspiration for our next big overseas trip. We miss the Camino and fear nothing will come close but have many ideas. Maybe Tour de Mont Blanc, who knows? Well there is one thing for certain, I have plenty of reading over the coming days/weeks thanks to you! Suggest next time just dribbling out the posts a day at a time, will generate more traffic and give us time to read each post, might even keep us keen!

    Well done and I’m sure you will find me pop up in the comments as I read through these!



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