Day 10, 11, 12: Lugo doesn’t want to let me go!

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  • Friday 10th October, 2014

I would like to say the reason I’m staying in Lugo a 3rd night is because I want to see Buena Vista Social Club play as part of the San Froilan festival tonight but it has more to do with Imodium!

I have no idea what it’s from but it started here in Lugo and reminds me of a trip to India years ago. I went to a pharmacy and have the Spanish equivalent of Imodium and lots of fluid replacing drinks and am holed up in a new hotel (the one I was staying at is full because of the festival, as are most hotels, so I’m spending one week’s Albergue budget on one night because I needed to find somewhere close by with my own bathroom!)

Lugo is quickly becoming an expensive stopover for me and not that enjoyable!

  • Saturday 11th October, 2014

It was all a little dramatic but after the receptionist at the hotel I was staying at saw me, she insisted on taking me to a clinic, and from there an ambulance, hospital, high fever, X-rays, blood tests, drip… A bad case of gastroenteritis! I knew it had been going around on the camino, but I thought I had been lucky to escape it.

The second Lugo hospital was modern, everyone was very efficient but no-one spoke English when I arrived at 1am so the very kind hotel receptionist stayed and translated for me until 4am, I couldn’t thank her enough even in my slightly delirious state!

Howard flew over for 24hrs to make sure I was ok so when I was discharged at 8pm, we picked up my bag from the previous hotel (full tonight because of the festival, as were nearly all hotels in and around Lugo), and ended up at the Balneario hotel de Lugo which is the hotel on top of the old Roman baths near the Roman bridge… at least I get to visit them now! It feels like Lugo doesn’t want to let me go!

  • Sunday 12th October, 2014

I slept well and moved back to Hotel Espana which is close to the camino path and a more reasonable price. I’m still weak but hopefully after today’s full day of rest I’ll be able to walk again tomorrow. The doctor said tomorrow would be ok to walk if I feel up to it 🙂

I’m getting restless!


8 responses to “Day 10, 11, 12: Lugo doesn’t want to let me go!

  1. Kat, what a bummer! So sorry to hear that you were feeling crummy. But grateful and glad to know things are looking up 🙂 On that note, Happy Thanksgiving weekend from Canadia! I shall eat some pumpkin pie for you. Oxo


  2. Have you considered approaching Immodium for sponsorship of your travels?

    You could rename your blog “On The Run”?

    Great story that Winston Churchill was told, while he was on the lavatory, that the Lord Privy Seal had come to see him.

    “Tell the Lord Privy Seal that I am sealed in the privy and can only deal with one s*#t at a time”, he bellowed.

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  3. Poor love. Please take care. No need to walk and end up even more ill. Take an extra day and get well. No swanky toilets along the pilgrim path!!!! Love you xxxx

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