What is mYAMAdventure and the PCTA?

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What is mYAMAdventure?

mYAMAdventure is a program set up by a man named Gen Shimizu to:

  1. Connect future PCT hikers with mentors (past hikers)

  2. Provide gear assistance to hikers (thank you so much to Yama Mountain Gear, Gossamer Gear, Bedrock Sandals, The Mouse Works, Dirty Girl Gaiters, Darn Tough, Stick Pic, Euroschirm)

  3. Raise money for the Pacific Crest Trail Association

Each year, Gen chooses 5 hikers who are planning to hike the PCT to be a part of the mYAMAdventure program. Each hiker has a goal to fundraise a minimum of $2000.


About the PCTA

Hikers of today and tomorrow are incredibly lucky the PCTA exists. It is a non-profit organisation which maintains the Pacific Crest Trail, rebuilding bridges, moving fallen trees, restoring eroded sections etc, allowing us to experience nature, wilderness and the remarkable beauty of this 2,650 mile National Scenic Trail.

The PCTA’s mission is to Protect, Preserve and Promote and it needs your help! Please donate if you can to this wonderful cause so people for generations to come can experience the adventure, excitement and beauty that the PCT offers. Thank you!!

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