PCT Day 6, Stagecoach Trails RV resort to mile 94.5

Day 6 Stagecoach Trails RV resort to mile 94.5, 17.5 miles
Cost: $0

Today in a nutshell: More coyotes howling through the night, I got a sleep in as we had arranged a taxi to pick us up at 6:30am and take us back to the trail, a heavy pack carrying 6 litres of water and 4 days of food for a 32 mile stretch with a possible cache or a tank with dead mice, switchback after switchback, a wonderful surprise to see the 3rd gate cache at mile 91 fully stocked (thank you Trail Angels!), scorching heat, 1 snake (thin, black with a yellow stripe, possibly a garter snake?), spectacular views and a wonderful camp site just off the trail at mile 94.5 with even more amazing views!


Packing our bags into Misty’s taxi


There are so many types of cacti out here!


My groovy Dirty Girl Gaiters


Cactus flower

Lunch: a tortilla with cheese and salami


The 3rd gate cache at mile 91


The 3rd gate cache at mile 91


Yama Mountain Gear SW Cirriform


My blisters are getting angry so I’m looking forward to arriving at Warner Springs tomorrow as there is apparently a “blister service” there and also real food 🙂

12 responses to “PCT Day 6, Stagecoach Trails RV resort to mile 94.5

  1. My hat off to you for walking the PCT. You are a courageous and brave lady. I am with you in spirit every step of the way. I hope your blisters will heal soon. Happy trails!

    In awe, bibi lerias

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  2. Hope you have got lots of cushioned blister plasters! Gaiters should keep them cleaner. Photos are fantastic. It looks damn hot! What temp. is it? How come the caches are not raided by the wildlife?

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  3. I’m loving your coverage of all your hikes! You’re truly an inspiration. I have a potentially weird question, but as someone who has an interest in eventually hiking the PCT, how do you keep your cheese properly stored? Or did you buy ones that can sit out at room temperature for a week or so?


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