PCT Day 30, Zero at Casa de Luna

Day 30
Zero Day at Casa de Luna (The Anderson’s)
Cost: donation

I had the best night sleep yet and didn’t wake up until 6am, then went straight back to sleep until 7am. I probably could have slept all morning except that I didn’t want to miss the pancakes and coffee breakfast!

The pancakes were made by Joe and served inside the house and they had a hint of cinnamon… scrumptious!



A few hikers left (Wetdog, Costco, Marathon John, Sunroof…) but the majority of the people who arrived yesterday were planning to stay another day. I felt so relaxed and couldn’t think of a more perfect place to take a zero.

The day passed by way too quick and all I really did was update my blog, lounge in the sun, walk to the nearby shop for snacks, listen to music and hang out with everyone.

A perfect zero day followed by another dinner of taco salad and beer, bliss!

A hat from the hiker box and Hawaiian shirt


Lots of choice


2015 hikers


Casa de Luna


Love this sign!


Knee brace tan!



One response to “PCT Day 30, Zero at Casa de Luna

  1. Hmmm. So you had a day off hiking yet wrote a short blog … Feeling cheated. Lol just kidding!!! Been following along for a week or so and enjoying the trip! Thanks for sharing with the us lazy folks. Making me miss the mountains!!


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