PCT Day 35, Tehachapi zero day

Day 35
Tehachapi zero day
Cost: Stayed at the Best Western Mountain Inn with the gang, $15

I had a lazy morning then spent quite a few hours at the German bakery (Kohnen’s Country Bakery) eating breakfast and I was there for so long that I got hungry again and ended up also eating lunch there! I had a salad for lunch and it was the best one I’ve had along the trail so far.

 I wandered around town and bumped into JBird. There was a small cinema in town and some of the gang went to watch The Avengers. I relaxed in the room.

     In the evening I walked to Albertson’s supermarket to buy some supplies for our Vegas trip and stopped off at a biker bar on the way home to try out their margaritas and play a few games of pool with Rowan.

We pick up the rental cars tomorrow and head to Vegas! I need a new pair of shoes from REI and also need the snow in the sierras to melt…


3 responses to “PCT Day 35, Tehachapi zero day

  1. I am loving your blog Kat. I wake up and look at my e mails and am always really pleased when there is one of your posts! What an amazing trek! You are incredible!!!!
    Keep the posts coming and enjoy your r&b in Vegas xxxxxxx


  2. Don’t gamble all you cash away! But really, I’m dying to hear how the glitz and commercialism of Vegas strikes you after a month on the PCT! I found cities hard when we were on the Camino — but the PCT is further off the grid and Vegas is just more of everything! Have fun.


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