PCT Day 100, Mile 1514 to 1542

Day 100
Mile 1514 to 1542, 28 miles
Cost: Camped, free

We were up just after 6am and left at 7am. It was hot from about 7:20am!
The trail was rough with lots of rocks and scree to begin with and we had 5 miles of ascent left before it evened out slightly.

More stunning views of Mt Shasta, I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing this mountain for a long time!

We passed a tree that had been hit by lightning, this was the aftermath:

At 2:30pm thunderstorms started and these lasted for the rest of the day. The temperature cooled down which was lovely and we put on our rain jackets but the hail that fell was big and hurt wherever it bounced off you. Again there was loud thunder and we were surrounded by lightning and again it was a little scary being on an exposed ridge!


This hail hurt!


There were lots more water sources than the water report stated but probably from yesterday’s and today’s thunderstorms.


We got to camp at 7pm which was the earliest in a while. It was a nice change to set up my tent before dark.

Again we ate dinner while watching a lightning show then chatted with Tapatio when he passed.


4 responses to “PCT Day 100, Mile 1514 to 1542

  1. Hi, (re)discovered your blog yesterday and have spent the last two days catching up on your journey! living vicariously through it. Love everything about it! Travel well, and keep that ankle safe 🙂

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