PCT Day 139, Trout Lake

Day 139

Trout Lake

Cost: Stayed in a room above the Trout Lake Grocery, $12.50 pp

Sorry this post is about to describe the most uneventful day on the trail or in a trail town so far… (Except for some very very exciting news).

I slept great. We didn’t stir until around 8am and the only reason I think I woke up was because I was hungry. We got up and walked to the petrol station cafe for breakfast. The sky was stormy-looking and it had obviously rained overnight but it wasn’t raining now.

The breakfast burrito was delicious but I’m sure even by “normal hunger” standards it wasn’t very big. So I also had the French toast and coffee… My hunger was now satiated.

We walked back to our room in the rain. I checked the forecast again, read the BBC news, updated my blog, spoke to my dad, had a nap and then we went back to the cafe for lunch. I wasn’t really hungry but I managed to eat a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and then shared half an apple pie with KC. The pie was AMAZING!


The Trout Lake grocery store that we’re staying above

It rained on and off for the rest of the day which is great news for Washington and hopefully will help with the fires. I received a message from Cuban B saying that he was camped in the Goat Rocks wilderness last night during 70-80mph winds and lots of people’s tents went flying and his broke in half then flew away.., I couldn’t think of anything worse and I’m really glad we decided to stay in Trout Lake but I feel for Cuban B having to go through that.

The latest weather forecast shows today (Saturday) as the worst day and slowly getting better. So we’ll leave tomorrow morning after breakfast and do the road detour (still not sure exactly how long this is), and if we have time then it would be good to get back on trail and do as many miles as possible… So the next day when we end up on the Knife’s Edge that we have time to get down to a lower elevation to camp.

We had a visitor later in the day. A very friendly and cuddly cat. Until it sat on my earphones and I tried to get them back and it scratched me… Hopefully this is the grocery store’s cat and not a stray!

Oh, there was a very exciting piece of news today. Thanks to everyone who has donated, I reached my goal of raising $2,000 for the PCTA today. Thank you so so much, the PCTA needs this money to continue their awesome work maintaining the trail so future generations can follow in our footsteps. I really can’t thank you enough for donating, but I will continue taking photos all the way to Canada so you can see the trail you’ve helped to keep alive!


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