Camino del Norte – Gear List

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I walked in Sept/Oct 2019 and this list reflects that time of year.

Starting from the bottom up…

Oh go on then! A reluctant selfie on the way out of Santillana del Mar.

Oh go on then! A reluctant selfie on the way out of Santillana del Mar.


  • Shoes – Brooks Cascadias, non-goretex. Since hiking the PCT in 2015 these shoes have been my favourite hiking shoes. I wear non-goretex as they dry quicker and breathe better.
  • Ankle brace – Aircast A60, the same brace Andy Murray wears 😉 Since having an ankle op post-PCT, I wear a brace while hiking.
  • Sandals – Bedrock sandals for evenings and showering
  • Socks x 3 – Darn Tough merino socks, two for hiking and one for sleeping in
  • Bottoms – Sweaty Betty power cropped leggings, this was my first time to wear leggings and they were incredibly comfortable and I loved the pocket.
  • Knee braces – for my dodgy knees (both feeling a bit worn out!)
  • Long sleeve hiking shirt x2 – Rab baselayers (I wore one and washed it daily and slept in the other)
  • Baselayer pants – Patagonia (to sleep in)
  • Underpants x2 – Exofficio
  • Sports bra x2 – Patagonia
  • Buff – to protect my neck from the sun or keep me warm
  • Down jacket – Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer, it’s so light that it’s good to carry just in case
  • Rain gear – Vaude hiking backpack poncho
  • Hat and Lululemon headband
  • Sunglasses – SunGod classics
  • Sun gloves – Patagonia sun gloves, these have saved my hands from sunburn on many an occasion
Top bunk for me (not my choice!) and room for my Gossamer Gear Mariposa backpack (still going strong since the PCT in 2015) at Albergue de Peregrinos de Irun

Top bunk for me (not my choice!) and room for my Gossamer Gear Mariposa backpack (still going strong since the PCT in 2015) at Albergue de Peregrinos de Irun


  • Backpack – Gossamer Gear Mariposa
  • Backpack liner – Garbage bag
  • Sleeping bag – Western Mountaineering SummerLite down sleeping bag. To be honest I was hot most nights and could even have down with just bringing a sleep sheet and warmer pyjamas
  • Dry bags – inside pack to compartmentalise gear
  • Ziplock bags – good for packing out rubbish as well as leftover food
  • Water bottle –  Water-to-go 750ml (it has a filter inside so I can fill up from any water source other than sea water). I also carried a 2l platypus water storage in case I needed to carry more, but never used it.
  • Hiking poles – Pacer Poles – I’ve been using these since my very first long distance walk, the Camino Frances in 2013
  • Headlamp – Petzl Tikka 2 – perfect for albergues with the red-light option and the white light for early mornings before the sunrise
  • Clothes Line – I have the lifeventure pegless clothes line and it is the most used item I own!
  • Towel – Ultralight Packtowel – mine’s the size of a tea towel, so I’m always envious when I see people with full size towels!
  • Ear plugs – mandatory if you’re a light sleeper and staying in albergues!
  • Eye mask – helpful if staying in albergues
  • Foldable daypack – Sea to summit Ultra Sil 20l pack – this is a bit of a luxury item but at 68 grams, it’s worth it and I use it around towns or to take my things into the shower


  • Camera – I carried a Fujifilm X-T2 with a 16-55mm lens on a Peak Design pro capture clip on my shoulder with 3 batteries
  • Phone with headphones – I used my iPhone as a second camera and to listen to music/audiobooks/podcasts
  • Chargers – for camera & phone
  • Spare batteries – AAA for headlamp
  • Plug with USB sockets


  • Multi-purpose Soap
  • Lush Shampoo bar – godiva
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • FirstAid Kit – bandaids, needle and thread, antiseptic cream, sunscreen, lip balm, scissors, tweezers, antibacterial hand gel, painkillers, anti-inflammatories and anti-histamines

Gorgeous trails and stunning countryside

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8 responses to “Camino del Norte – Gear List

    • Hi Jody,
      Thanks for following along!! I didn’t actually use a guidebook for this Camino because it was a very last minute decision to go (the day before!) When I was on the Camino I heard about an app called Buen Camino and I used this in conjunction with the Wisely app 👣

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  1. Dear Kat:

    Just looking over your Caminos you list each by the day, but it would be helpful if you actually put in the date of the first day so folks can get a sense of the time of year as well. Your Norte looks as is you finished in October, but I just read that you finished in Santiago, so that would help clear up the specific question of travel dates…and possibly why you chose that time of year.

    I loved looking at the PCT video. What a feat that was!

    Where to next?

    Many thanks. So you left for the Norte early Sept and finished early October?

    Sally Leland

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    • Hi Sally,
      Thanks for your feedback and I completely agree 😊
      I started the Camino from Irun on the 8 September and arrived in Santiago on the 7 October. I’ll add the dates to the blog when I get back to the UK (I’m currently in Turkey after just finishing hiking the Lycian Way – these blog posts will come out in December, with dates 😉).
      As for hiking the Norte at that time of year, it was a very last-minute decision but I had previously heard September was a good time and it really was, the weather was fantastic if not a little hot at the beginning!
      Thanks again, kat


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