Day 11, Ages to Burgos, 22.6km 

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May 11th, 2013

The first town I passed was Atapuerca, a UNESCO world heritage site because of the prehistoric caves and the discovery of the earliest human remains in Europe dating back over 900,000 years. It was too early to visit the museum when I passed but I did promise to visit the evolution museum in Burgos. The rest of the way to Burgos was very industrial and quite ugly. The old town of Burgos however is stunning and dominated by a massive 13th century cathedral.It’s hard to find the energy to go sightseeing after getting up at 5:30am and walking more than 20 km, but I knew I had to see the sights of Burgos so off I went.

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral


My first stop was the Cathedral, then lunch at El Morito (recommended by some Spanish pilgrims I’d met) and the best meal I’ve had so far on the camino: sangria and a bacon, mushroom, cheese toastie. Then it was to the museum of human evolution, St Mary’s Arch, the statue of Cid etc… You could definitely spend a weekend in Burgos, it’s a lovely town, but I’m leaving tomorrow to find a nice small town where everyone says “hola” and “buen camino, ” because it’s lonely in the big city where everyone walks with their head down with no eye contact and no-one says “buen camino”!!


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