Day 28, O’Cebreiro to Samos, 31.1km

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May 28th, 2013

I left just before 6am in the rain and mountain mist and had to use my headlamp to light the way for about half an hour before it was light enough to see. It started snowing a few times as I was walking over the mountains, I think I’ve had all weather types now on this camino!


The track was mainly mud and as I descended from the mountain I walked through villages and past farmers herding their sheep and cows. I knew from Hans (who was now 1 week ahead of me) that the monastery where I was hoping to stay the night didn’t open until 3pm so there was no point in rushing.

I was awarded the most spectacular view of the monastery from above, looking down into the valley, and I was elated to get a bed! The Benedictine monastery of Samos is one of the oldest monasteries in the western world. I was invited to join the evening vespers at 7:30pm then mass at 8pm in the cathedral. It was a lovely experience and a wonderful night staying in the monastery.

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