Day 37 – 45, Santiago to Finisterre to Muxia to Santiago, 214.7km

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June 6th – 14th, 2013

After my 3 nights in Santiago I walked to Finisterre (traditionally considered the end of the world). It was a 3 day walk there and the scenery was stunning – ferns, moors, eucalyptus and pine forests, and then the view of the Atlantic coast. I stayed 2 nights in Finisterre and visited the cape and lighthouse where it’s tradition for pilgrims to burn their clothes. I burnt some holey socks and pondered swimming naked in the Atlantic! Finisterre is a small fishing village but it was very busy with pilgrims and day trippers and it wasn’t quite what I was after for the end of my camino.

I walked on an extra 30 km north to Muxia which is also a small fishing village, the main difference was it felt like a seaside resort out of season, I had the town and beaches to myself. It was a difficult walk there and I got lost a few times with the lack of arrows but it was well worth it. I stayed in Muxia for 2 nights but I could have stayed a week and filled the days by reading books and walking along the beach. It was such a quaint and peaceful town. I then walked 3 days back to Santiago, against the direction of the arrows and the most challenging and lonely part of my whole camino.

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