Day 7, Logrono to Najera, 30.1km

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May 7th, 2013

Waking up at 5am and walking all day is beginning to take its toll! I was so tired this morning and my knee was hurting, but thankfully no blisters…yet. We walked through the dark streets of Logrono before 6am and only the bakers delivering their bread were awake. We’re in the Rioja region now and passing lots of grape vines, hopefully we’ll come across a winery offering tastings! We had a wonderful view of snow capped mountains and it was another lovely warm day.



I pass so many people each day, and so many people pass me. We greet each other with “Buen Camino” and try to talk as much as the language barriers will allow. I don’t want to ask their reasons for doing the camino as I think this can be quite a personal thing to discuss… Today I met a father and son walking, the father has a brain tumour and his 10 year old son found out about the camino and told his dad he wanted them to walk it together. I also passed 2 Brazilian brothers in their 50s walking, a mother and daughter from Quebec who were always laughing and holding each other’s hands, a man leading a blind man, people walking alone, with friends, husbands, wives. No matter what our reasons for walking, everyone shares the same daily struggles of aches and pains, finding a place to sleep, wondering how far before the next water fountain /cafe/toilet, and whether our clothes will dry… I’m very grateful for this experience and I highly recommend it, warts and all.

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