Day 6, Los Arcos to Logrono, 28.6km

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May 6th, 2013

We left the albergue at 5:45am and the sky was full of stars, we even saw 3 shooting stars! It was, however, a little tricky trying to find the small yellow arrows and markers in the dark! (It sometimes feels like a game trying to find the yellow arrows or camino shells, they’re on the road/trees/walls/curb… Some are as clear as day while others are hidden!)


It was a gorgeous 26 degree day, so another reason to start walking early so we wouldn’t be walking through the heat and getting burnt on the left side only – we’re walking west! I had been in Spain for 6 days and hadn’t seen sangria being served, but my luck was about to change at our breakfast stop in Viana at 11am!

We got to the albergue in Logrono just before 2pm, queued up outside the albergue waiting for it to open and thankfully got a bed. I was exhausted so I unrolled my sleeping bag and fell asleep straight away. After a much needed snooze, I got up and we went out to explore Logrono and find some dinner. The tricky thing is that most restaurants in Spain don’t open until 7 or 8pm, but when you start walking at 5:30am, you want dinner at 5pm and to be in bed by 7pm!

​We waited until 7pm and I ordered the white asparagus, (the specialty of the region) as well as wine as we are now in La Rioja country. There was one loud snorer in the room but I was so tired I slept through it!

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