PCT Day 160, Mile 2646 to CANADA!!!!!!!

Day 160

Mile 2646 to 2659, 13 miles


Cost: Manning Park Lodge Chalet, $40 CAD 

Who would’ve thought it ‘eh?! 

160 days, 2659 miles, (4254 km), 3 states… 3 bears, numerous rattlesnakes, cactus, desert, heat, storms, snow, hail, sunshine, wind… Hard times, fun times, good times, trail angels & trail magic, good friends, crowded hotel rooms, burgers, pizza, burritos, mimosas and margaritas. I made it 🙂

I slept in, ate one final breakfast on the PCT (a brownie from the Stehekin bakery and it still tasted so fresh and delicious), then started hiking around 8:30am. 

Last breakfast on the trail

It was just over 3 miles to the monument and it came around very quickly. I knew I was coming up to it before I could see it because I could hear Sticky Buns and Milkshake already there celebrating!

I thought I would be emotional, but it’s strange… I wasn’t. 

There were 2 other people there who I hadn’t met before (and can’t remember their names) but they weren’t going into Canada and instead were going to walk back to Harts Pass. So the 5 of us celebrated with whiskey, a small bottle of champagne and the box of red wine… As well as eating the box of cheezels that my dad sent over and my favourite Australian sweets columbines and Cadbury chocolate. 

I was the last to leave after signing the registry and reading through all the other entries. It would probably come as no surprise that I felt pretty sick as I walked on the extra 9 miles after my celebration second breakfast at 10am!


The Northern Terminus


A cheezel wave!


Celebrating with cheezels, columbines, cadbury’s and red wine 🙂


I got emotional when I came across these stones on the trail!


And then I arrived at Manning Park Lodge. It was over. Really over. 

I went to the reception and asked for a room only to be told that the hostel was full and so was the lodge because of a wedding. I had horrible visions of having to camp in my wet tent… This was not how it was supposed to end! The lady at reception was incredibly helpful and told me to take a seat while she figured out a solution. I sat down for about half an hour and then was told they were going to open up a triplex chalet for PCT hikers but gave us the same rate as the hostel, perfect! So my home for the night was a triplex with 3 front doors, 2 queen beds, 8 bunk beds, 2 sofa beds, a lounge, kitchen and 3 bathrooms… It was very comfortable! And there were only 5 of us in there: me, Rainbow, Sticky Buns, Milkshake and Super Classy. 

I did the usual: laundry, shower, hung up my tent to dry etc then went for an early 5pm dinner at the restaurant. I joined Minty Fresh and Super Classy for dinner. Super Classy was on her second round of the pulled pork poutine because she said it was so good so I passed on the steak and ordered wings and the pulled pork poutine… But I’m going to have to curb this diet of horribly fattening fast food now that I’m no longer hiking! … Dinner was delicious and reception had given me a voucher for a free drink for being a PCT hiker, so the free double Long Island Iced Tea went down a treat too!

Today wasn’t how I imagined it to be, but I guess that’s life. I’m glad I’m finished. Really glad. But I will miss the people I met and hiked with on the trail and I will miss the daily beautiful scenery and experiences of seeing bears and almost stepping on rattlesnakes and seeing a stag on the trail… You know, those kind of experiences that make you feel really alive.  

I need to say a very big thank you. To everyone who donated to the PCTA through my razoo page, thank you! 

To Myamadventure to your sponsorship, thank you! 

To all my sponsors: Gossamer Gear, Darn Tough Socks, Dirty Girl Gaiters, The Mouseworks company, Stickpik, Lightheart Rain Gear, Bedrock Sandals, Euroschirm & Western Mountaineering, thank you!

To Nick at Unnu, thank you for helping me out with more than 100 protein & energy bars that I brought with me from the UK!

To all of the Trail Angels and Trail Magic, thank you!

To everyone I met on the trail for enrichening my experience, thank you!

To everyone following my blog and leaving encouraging comments, thank you so much. There were many times when I didn’t have enough phone service to be able to reply but I saw your comments come through and they really helped, more than I can say. Thank you so much!

What’s next?! A couple of days in Vancouver, then Seattle, then I fly out of San Diego. I’m not sure how long I’ll be home in London for but I’ve been dreaming about doing another camino… One where I can drink Sangria, eat Paella and catch a Flamenco show… Carry on and keep walking, ‘eh!

94 responses to “PCT Day 160, Mile 2646 to CANADA!!!!!!!

  1. Huge congratulations on reaching your goal, and for keeping us so well entertained all the way. I am incredibly impressed with your achievement and determination. I think I will stick with the camino for my hiking – hopefully one day I might bump into you. WELL DONE xx

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  2. Congratulations Kat! You are a walking GODDESS, and I have enjoyed every single one of your posts. I feel like I’ve been on an adventure! I’ll drink your health tonight. Steve, Derek, and I did the Pennine Way this summer, and you and your posts were an inspiration and a constant source of conversations. Good job, tough woman!

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  3. Congrats again. Finally read your last post. I am emotional and sad it’s over. I looked forward to reading your journey and all the beautiful pictures. How is the pain in your leg? I havent heard you mention it for quite awhile? Take care. Safe travels home.

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    • Thanks Susie. The pain in my ankle went away on the stretch from White Pass to Snoqualmie – I think it’s because my foot was numb and frozen from walking in snow for 4 days, which obviously helped 🙂 It’s funny that I still haven’t really cried and maybe I won’t, but it’s strange because I’m a big cry baby! Thanks for following along 🙂


  4. Wow, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Big Congratulations to you, it has been a wonderful ride for me living vicariously through your blog. My section hiking of the AZT is nothing like what you undertook.

    But I do have 8 Caminos under my belt and have plans for another all along the coastline of Portugal and Spain in April, hey who knows maybe we will bump into each other – yes indeed the food and wine there is awesome! Paella yum!

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  5. What an amazing feat! Congratulations! Reading your blog the past few days has been interesting. Of course, I knew how it was going to end, but I was so excited for each new post. Now that you and Shepherd are off the trail, I am going to be going through some serious PCT withdrawal! Glad to hear the names of many of the hikers I met the day my mother and I brought you guys some trail magic near Mt. Hood: Minty Fresh, Over Easy and KC. It’s incredible that all of you stuck it out through all of the challenging conditions in Washington. I can’t imagine how incredible it feels to be finished. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your next adventure. Cheers to you!!!

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  6. Congratulations, Kat. What a fantastic, amazing, brave achievement! I’ve been following your posts and am lost in admiration of your tenacity and your spirit. All the very best for what comes next for you.

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  7. Congratulations Kat. You overcame many obstacles !! Thanks for taking us on your your journey with you. I also feel sad that its over. I really enjoyed your pictures–they were great–felt like I was there. Good luck!! I hope your next journey leads you to happiness.

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  8. I really enjoyed following you on your journey…ever since the desert months ago. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us through the ups and downs (both literally and emotionally!).

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  9. Amazing! Well done! It’s been fantastic following your journey and fun reading your blog as you crossed paths with other bloggers (shepherd). Thanks so much for sharing the journey with us.
    There’s a long distance trail in New Zealand that is becoming rather popular- it passes thru lord of the rings territory! http://www.teararoa.org.nz
    This could keep you occupied for the next 8months 🙂

    Thanks again and congratulations!

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  10. Extremely well done. I so enjoyed my virtual PCT from reading your wonderful daily posts. I will truly miss your daily updates, insights and photos. Ultreia.
    Jim from Gig Harbor,WA

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  11. Well done Kate – a tremendous effort. When in Melbourne do get in touch and will celebrate your efforts with some fine wine. In France finishing my last few days before getting to St Jean.
    Stay well and watch the diet.

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  12. Yeah!!!!! so emotional reading your words!!! Congrats! It was a pleaure reading your PCT diary. Thx so much… What about Via de Plata? Buen Camino! From Lisboa, Paulo

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  13. I am so sad and so happy at seeing your final post. I have been following your journey since day 1 (though not commenting) and have been living the experience through you! I am just waiting for my opportunity to come along which will enable me to hike the PCT but your blog has helped prepare me mentally for some of the challenges that I will face but also reinforcing the amazing experience it will be, meeting so many new people on similar journeys, the amazing surroundings that can only be truly appreciated when witnessed first hand (though your photos looked amazing!)
    All the best for your future planning of your next hike, but for now enjoy the rest!!

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  14. Congratulations Kat!! It was so wonderful following along with your journey- the time you took to write each day and to include such beautiful photos was so generous. Thank you for sharing this with us, and I look forward to following more of your adventures! (and yes! Definitely do another Camino! I think the Norte is calling your name…) 😉

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  15. Reading your posts day in and day out it was amazing to see your great attitude and spirit of positive commitment. You pushed through the pain and injury and the weather and every challenge with such determination and calm energy that you are an inspiration. Next May I will hike the TGO Scotland Challenge from West to East. Maybe that will be in your future. After all it is only 300Kms so for you would be a walk in the park. CONGRATULATIONS!

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  16. Enormous congratulations to you Kat on completing the PCT – a mammoth effort & you are one tough cookie getting thru considering your pre-departure back probs & on-trail injuries too.Reading your blogs has been a joy during a pretty ordinary Melb winter & your photos have been absolutely stunning. Looking fwd to where the arrows take you next – after a good rest of course.You have inspired this sixty-somethin’ yr old to do Victoria’s Great South West Walk – a mere 250k loop Portland to Portland. I am keen to try wearing a skirt to hike in.All the best,Liz B

    Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2015 21:40:50 +0000 To: lizzieb73@hotmail.com

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  17. Fantastic achievement! It’s been a real privilege to follow your every step, feel the pain, the successes, meet the special people along the way and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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  18. Congratulations! It seems a bit ridiculous to think to the next Camino on the end day of a 160 day PCT. But that’s how us perpetual pilgrims live. From Camino to Camino. My daughter and I are doing the Camino del Norte, Irun to Santiago, starting March 18, 2016. I average a bit less K’s a day than you, about 23 a day, but you are more than welcome to start out with us for a few days. It sure will be different than the PCT. I have the Vila de la Plata on my list for the future also. Probably Shikoku in 2017! I live near the midpoint of the Appalachian Trail.

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    • Hi Bob, thanks for your comment and the invitation to join you and your daughter – I would love to walk with my dad somewhere one day, I think it would be really special 🙂 I generally plan my life incredibly last minute with a strong fear of commitment but thank you anyway 😉 Buen Camino and if you ever have any questions about the Shikoku Pilgrimage, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂


  19. Dear Kate, I would like to thank you. Thank you for inspiring. Thank you for sharing all your walking experiences in such details. It’s a lot of work to write so much!! Thank you too for your detailed ‘prep’ pages on your blog. It has helped me very much in preparing my gear for my PCT in 2016. In the end I opted to go for most of Joe’s gear at ZPacks, but I have bought several items on your great gear list too. I hope I can be a strong as you, as I too have completed several Camino’s and the 88 Temple route this year. I look forward to following your future adventures, and hope you find what you are looking for, find piece. Love from Amsterdam, Tim Voors (www.randomtrailtales.com)

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    • Hi Tim, I just checked out your blog and love it! That will keep me busy for a few days 😉 beautiful photos too. When I get home I’ll write a detailed gear review of what worked and didn’t work and what I would change. I’ll probably also write a page on food and how I did my resupplies. I look forward to following you on the PCT and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


  20. Congratulations on reaching Canada! Thank you for posting the whole hike. I know that had to be difficult at times but all of your followers appreciate it. Good luck and Congratulations again.

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  21. Reading your journal has been an inspiration. The photos were beautiful and your posts provide good wisdom for future hikers. I’m happy for you that you got past the fires and made it all the way to Canada! Your hike shows that the impossible is possible. Walking the PCT has been my life-long dream and (fingers crossed) next year I’ll follow in your footsteps!

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  22. Congratulations on your amazing achievement! I am very thankful for your postings and for letting us travel with you for this fantastic adventure. I look forward to the day when I get to hike the PCT. You are a rock star!

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  23. Congratulations on completing pct have loved following your blog and look forward to hearing more of your travels in the future – both you and shepherd have inspired this Aussie to get out and start hiking – Milford track in a couple of months and Kilimanjaro in February followed by overland in tassie and would love to do pct one day
    Hope you are having a well earned rest

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  24. Hi Hummingbird

    Congratulations on your remarkable achievement!
    I must admit I only just spotted your blog after Shepherd tipped it on his site. Once I started reading I couldnt stop….it was like an exciting book that you can’t put down even though it is 3am and you have to be up by 6am! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
    I plan to hike the trail next year, so am finding your prehike advice really useful. A post hike equipment review would be awesome!
    I live in London so when you get back will happily buy you a celebrity flight of beers. Thanks again, Alex.

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    • Hi Alex, thanks for your really nice comments. I’ll definitely be posting a gear review but it might not come for another week or two. If you have any questions leading up to your hike don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂


  25. Well done, PCT sounds incredible journey, I just watched your Primitivo video which I enjoyed and clicked here. Will read in detail over the next week. We were in contact before and will contact you again. It is the way to live this life. Dermot

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  26. Hi Kat,
    I’ve just finished reading this, my interest having been peaked by a friend who’s starting the trail in the next few days. Really enjoyed it, and all the photographs – I guess I’ll have to start saving!
    I (sometimes) help manage a guesthouse on the Lycian Way and have taken people walking on sections of it, so when the time comes for you to head that way, look me up and I may be able to offer some tips.
    (another) Kat

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  27. Hi Kat,
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us; I know how hard it is to write after a long day.
    I will start my own PCT attempt at the end of this May and am currently fighting the butterflies in my stomach and organizing everything from overseas.
    Thanks again and have a great day.


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