Day 11, Danby Wiske to Osmotherley, 20km

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  • Aug 1st, 2013
  • ascent 368m | descent 230m
  • Osmotherley: YHA, £25 (female dorm incl breakfast)

It was a hot night in the kennel and I woke to the sound of a cat scratching at my door! I let him in and he made himself at home on the bed whilst I packed my bag.

It was a pretty uneventful day as far as scenery goes, we walked through fields of wheat and beans, crossed a railway and had to run across a dual carriageway – the A19 – it was very scary!

The highlight of this stage was the picnic basket full of flapjacks that had been left outside a house for walkers, only £1 a slice.

We stayed at the YHA in Osmotherley, a town which was 20 minutes off the c2c track but was a gorgeous little village with 3 pubs, a fish and chip shop and that’s it! There were 7 other coast to coast walkers staying in the town (the same crowd as the previous night) so we all had dinner together at the pub and had a wonderful evening.

It was a bit creepy staying at the YHA, there were only 4 people staying in the entire building and we were each given a separate dorm for privacy (even the staff left at 9pm). I would have preferred to have stayed in a dorm with others, especially in such an old haunted building!

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