Day 10, Richmond to Danby Wiske, 25km

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  • July 31st, 2013
  • ascent 236m | descent 291m
  • Danby Wiske: The White Swan pub, £17.50 (camping hut incl breakfast)

At breakfast, the owner of the B&B recommended that we take a different, more scenic route along the river… We decided that because he was a local, he obviously knew best and surely Wainwright wouldn’t mind if we walked on the opposite side of the river for a couple of miles. It was a lovely path along a river with a beautiful waterfall and views of the castle, except that after about 2 miles the path was blocked by construction and the workers told us there was no possible way to pass, which meant we had to go back… Backtracking is never a nice option on a long walk!


In fact we had to backtrack a couple of times because of conflicting c2c signs on the same signpost! It was a very peaceful walk by a river (the Wainwright side of the river!), through moss covered forest, and fields with sheep, cows, horses and the first time along the c2c to walk through wheat fields.

About halfway during the stage, the guidebook suggested a stop at ‘Joan’s Tearoom‘ and said it was only 400m off the path. It was more like 1 km off the track but it was definitely worth visiting for lunch. I had a fresh homemade cheese scone followed by lemon meringue pie, with all the proceeds going towards the village hall. We had a lovely conversation with Joan herself as well as the locals in her cafe.

We arrived in the miniscule village of Danby Wiske which had two B&B’s and one pub. When I had originally tried to book a night in the town the only space available was in a camping hut at the pub, The White Swan. There had been no cancellations so the camping hut was my bed for the night. It looked like a dog kennel from the outside but it was perfectly comfortable, I just had to borrow Dave’s sleeping bag and make a pillow out of my clothes. I could now add camping hut to the list of accommodation I’d stayed in so far – hostels, b&b’s, pubs and a camping hut.

Dinner in the pub was the most social evening so far with 9 other coast to coasters. Everyone compared stories of hills and mountains and paths walked. It was a great evening.

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