Day 9, Reeth to Richmond, 19km

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I didn’t see Hannah the ghost during the night but I was scared to open my eyes each time I woke up!

There was a light rain to begin the day but it cleared up and we had a lovely warm and sunny walk. Today was the easiest day so far – zigzagging across farmer’s fields, climbing over stiles and the most road walking we’ve had yet. There was a beautiful path made of rocks called the Nun’s Steps, so-called because the nuns are said to have constructed the 375 steps as a walkway to the nearby abbey. It was very picturesque and we stopped every few metres to take more and more photos.


We were eager to get to Richmond to see the sights of the ancient town and we arrived at 1:30pm. It was a gorgeous old town with the largest market square in England and a castle built in the 11th century. We stayed at ‘The Old Brewery Guesthouse‘ but to Dave’s disappointment they didn’t have a license to serve alcohol!

The owner saw my bee sting blister and insisted that I go to the doctor to have it looked at (rather than just the pharmacy), so he made me an appointment and off I hobbled. The doctor agreed that it was best not to pop the hideous blisters that had developed near the sting for fear of infection as I still  had 130 km to walk. She advised me to take antihistamines and to keep it elevated and iced whenever I wasn’t walking.

We went on a lovely afternoon pub crawl sitting in beer gardens in the sun and then did the castle walk around the castle and through the winding streets. Richmond was a very beautiful old town and definitely worth visiting.

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