Day 8, Keld to Reeth, 20.6km

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  • July 29th, 2013
  • ascent 440m | descent 553m
  • Reeth: Black Bull pub, £40 (single room incl breakfast)

And then there were two… Howard went back to London and the American and Aussie continued their quest along the c2c towards Robin Hood’s Bay.

It was raining hard when we left Keld so we were in full wet weather gear, but happy for the slightly cooler temperature. We passed lots of waterfalls and walked mainly along a stream and through the Swaledale valley, a very picturesque green valley dotted with old farmhouses. It was an easy walk with just a few hills to climb but it did have a lot of very narrow gates to climb through – one leg in front of the other and trying not to get the backpack caught – I’m not sure who they were designed to keep out of the fields, the sheep or the hikers!

We made it to Reeth by 2:30pm, it was a cute little town and we stayed at the Black Bull pub which had been around since 1680. I asked the owner if there were any ghosts because the building was so old and he said yes, her name was Hannah and she was a friendly ghost! I regretted asking knowing that now I probably wasn’t going to be able to sleep that night. He told me the story of Hannah and said that he’d seen her himself along with other guests and that she was always seen on the 3rd floor… thankfully my room was on the 2nd floor. As much as I’m fascinated by ghosts, I’m more scared!

My ankle was still badly swollen with the two blisters that I assumed was my body’s way of reacting to the sting but I was eager to get to a pharmacy to see if there was anything I could use to help it go down. There hadn’t been a town big enough to have a pharmacy since I’d been stung but the next day we’d be arriving in Richmond which was a big city and bound to have a few.

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