Day 6, Shap to Kirkby Stephen, 32km

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I woke with a very swollen and sore ankle but was determined to walk. Although this stage was slightly longer than some of the previous days, it was the easiest terrain across fields with just a couple of high ascents but still plenty of stiles to climb over. We saw Robin Hood’s grave and ancient ruins and had one pretty mad miniature horse try to get out of one of the gates in a field we had to cross, he certainly put on a show for us and when he realised he wasn’t going to be able to escape through the gate he turned around and charged into the sheep making then scatter, I wish someone had filmed it!

My ankle had swollen from the bee sting and it really didn’t appreciate being walked on for 32 km, the pain was almost unbearable when we eventually arrived at our accommodation, the Jolly Farmer’s Guesthouse in Kirkby Stephen. I was hoping that with another night of icing it, the swelling would start to go down.

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