Day 7, Tomar to Alvaiazere, 34.2km

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  • June 18th, 2014
  • Alvaiazere: Albergaria Pinheiro, €10 euros for a private room and shared shower
  • Weather: A balmy 33 degrees

I’m in the zone, finally! I had a little sleep in and left the hostel at 5am. It was a delightful cool morning and with a spring in my step, I traversed along a lovely dirt trail with birds singing, wildflowers, peacocks, pigs, rabbits and 2 unfortunately for them, dead snakes.

I had obviously benefited from the rest day and I felt great walking, even with the extra weight of the 3.5 litres of water I was carrying. The cool morning, shaded walking, abundance of arrows, beautiful flowers and varied terrain through olive groves, past meadows, through eucalyptus forests (always reminds me of home), along cobbled roads… all combined to make this my favourite day of walking so far.

I stayed in Alvaiazere at Albergaria Pinheiro, €10 for a private room and shared shower.

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4 responses to “Day 7, Tomar to Alvaiazere, 34.2km

  1. Love the blog! We just finished walking the Camino Portuguese from Lisbon a week ago, so it’s nice to see the same route through somebody else’s eyes….especially as we stayed at most of the same places (well, there isn’t a huge amount of choice between Lisbon – Porto!). Lovely photos as well – I was never able to ‘arrange’ mine quite so well and uploading them seemed to take ages on the website I put together, but still, it gave us something to do! if you’re interested.


  2. After months of deliberating between the Northern Spain or Portugal, I have now booked a flight to Lisbon. So pleased I found your blog again, by chance actually.


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