Day 11, No temples, 38km

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  • Wednesday 16 October 2013
  • Weather: Hot, 25⁰C 
  • Temples: None, 38km
  • Accommodation: Under an awning on my mat with sleeping bag at a closed Junior High School (route 55 before Deep Sea World), free  

Wow, if you want to really experience a typhoon, sleep outside in a tent opposite the sea during one!! The sound of the wind and waves crashing was incredible, I thought the tent was going to become airborne with us inside it and Dave was worried the tent wouldn’t survive… But it did and when we woke around 5am the typhoon had passed and all the clouds had gone leaving behind a sky full of stars.

I watched the sunrise over the ocean and was amazed by the size and ferocity of the waves, no wonder they sounded so loud last night.

Today I walked alone and got lost in my thoughts. The path was still along the coast and I stopped every now and then to take photos of the stunning coastline. I saw a tanuki (raccoon dog) for the first time but unfortunately it was dead on the road, google tanuki and their special powers if you want a laugh! I also saw a mukade (Japanese poisonous centipede), it was also dead on the road but was fascinating to see. I hope it’s the only one I see!

I met quite a few Japanese Henro today and was inspired by their stories of walking the pilgrimage 3, 4 times and most of them were in their 60s and 70s now…

I was trying to get to Temple 24 but I just didn’t have 44km in me today, 38km was as far as I could go and it got me to a closed down Junior High School. Schools are mentioned on the map I have and apparently you can stay in the closed down schools and have access to an outside toilet and water if you camp or lay down anywhere you can. I found a piece of concrete under an awning, set up my mattress and sleeping bag and started to hand wash all of my dirty laundry so I could hang it up and hope for the wind to dry everything overnight. I knew there were no places for food down this way so I had stocked up at the last convenience store I passed and had bread, cheese and salami for dinner then hit the sack at 7pm – it gets dark at 5:30pm.

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