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  • Accommodation terms = see the page on pilgrim accommodation

  • Bangai = There are 20 important temples (bangai) but they are not counted as part of the 88 temples

  • Dogyo ninin = together with Kobo Daishi

  • Flora & Fauna you may encounter, click here

  • Henro korogashi = lit. pilgrim fall down path, extra caution is needed as paths may be steep, slippery and dangerous, there are 6 along the way

  • Henro, o-henro-san (more polite version) = the Japanese term for pilgrim

  • Hiragana = 46 letter alphabet, mainly used to write words that have no kanji (one of the three Japanese alphabets)

  • Honshu = the name of the main island in Japan

  • Kanji = Chinese characters (one of the three Japanese alphabets and the most difficult)

  • Katakana = 48 letter alphabet, used to write foreign words (one of the three Japanese alphabets)

  • Koyasan = Mt Koya, in Wakayama prefecture on the mainland (honshu), founded by Kobo Daishi as the headquarter of the Shingon school of Buddhism in 819. There are now more than 100 temples on this mountain top and a population of 3000

  • Osettai = gifts received whilst on the pilgrimage (food / drink / money / accommodation …) It is believed that when giving osettai to a pilgrim, they are actually giving to Kobo Daishi. Osettai should always be accepted gratefully and in return you can give a name slip

  • Pilgrim attire terms = see the page on what pilgrims wear and carry

  • Shikoku = means 4 provinces, and Shikoku is divided into the 4 provinces of Tokushima, Kochi, Ehime and Kagawa

  • Shikoku hachi jyu hakkasho = Shikoku 88 Temple pilgrimage

  • Tera (o-tera) = temple



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