What is the Camino Primitivo?

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Camino Primitivo Map. Image from John Brierley Camino Frances guidebook.

Camino Primitivo Map. Image from John Brierley Camino Frances guidebook.

“El camino de Santiago Primitivo” means the “original way to Santiago.”

The original way was the first Pilgrimage route to Santiago, starting in Oviedo, the capital of the Kingdom of Asturias. It is said that King Alfonso II followed this route to Santiago in the 9th century during which time most of Spain was under Moorish control.

The route from Oviedo to Santiago is approximately 310km and crosses the Sierra de Tineo and Sierra del Ranadoiro with views of the Cantabrica mountain range, then ambles through the mountain villages of Asturias and Galicia.

Through the region of Asturias, the Camino Primitivo climbs to over 1000m three times, and then once more up to 1146m in Galicia.

…it sounds like my knees are going to get a workout! Wish me luck 🙂

4 responses to “What is the Camino Primitivo?

  1. Enjoy. I wanted to do this two years ago but had to turn back when my friend got ill. He went home and I finished along the Norte on my own. I look forward to reading your story as it is a walk I will do one day. Beun Camino


  2. So so jealous! I didn’t realise how literal you were when wanting to finish writing up your blog before walking again! Although I have my suspicions that you didn’t wait to get back over to Europe before finishing? Looking forward to enjoying the journey with you! Beun Camino! Stephen (www.jennyandstephen.com)

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