Getting to and exploring Ferrol

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Getting to Ferrol:

The closest airports to Ferrol are A Coruna and Santiago.

  1. Take the airport bus to Avenida de Alfonso Molina (€1.50, 25 mins) which is a 5 min walk from A Coruna bus station (estacion de autobus). Walk to the bus station and take a bus to Ferrol, (€6, 50 mins). See here for a timetable.

  2. Take the airport bus to Avenida de Alfonso Molina (€1.50, 25 mins) which is a 10 min walk from the train station. Walk to the train station and take a renfe train onward to Ferrol (€6, 1 hr 12min).

  1. Take the airport bus to Santiago bus terminal (€3, ~30 mins), then change onto a direct bus from Santiago bus terminal to Ferrol (€10.35, 1.5 hrs). Monbus has the timetable online.

  2. Take the airport bus to Santiago train station (€3, ~35 mins), then take a Renfe train from Santiago to Ferrol via A Coruna (~€20, ~2 hrs). When I looked there was only one train a day leaving in the evening.

Exploring Ferrol

Ferrol is described in the Cicerone Northern Caminos guidebook as:

“A long important port city, given its strategic military position, naval academy and its major shipbuilding facilities. Ferrol was the launch point for the (ultimately unsuccessful) Spanish Armada in 1588. General Francisco Franco was born here…”

I have this guide and will also be using the September 2014 CSJ Camino Ingles guide (thank you Johnnie Walker).

I took a 4pm bus from Santiago bus station and arrived at Ferrol bus station at 5:30pm, the one-way bus ticket was €10.35 with Monbus. There is no Albergue in Ferrol so I checked into Hotel Almendra which is terrific value and close to the shops, bars and restaurants, and about a 15 minute walk to the start of the Camino. I must admit, after seeing the location of the Parador tonight, I did wish I was staying there just so I was that little bit closer to the starting point! (It’s about 5 mins from the port).

I had a delightful evening of wandering the streets in lovely mild weather and really enjoyed my first impression of Ferrol as a seaside port town. I love Art Nouveau architecture and “galleried” style buildings and there were plenty to be seen here. This is my black and white tour of Ferrol…




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