What is the Camino Ingles?

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The Camino Ingles (English way) is the route that English, Irish and Northern European pilgrims would walk to Santiago once arriving by boat to the ports of Ferrol or A Coruna on the northern Galician coast.

A Coruna is approximately 75km from Santiago de Compostela, and therefore not eligible for a compostela as the distance is less than 100km. Ferrol is, however, approximately 120km from Santiago and therefore eligible. Both routes are ancient paths and meet up in Hospital de Bruma.

I will be walking from Ferrol as I have already visited A Coruna on a previous trip to Spain and I will be walking it in 4 days.

My planned stages are:

Day 1: Ferrol to Pontedeume (albergue), approx 30km

Day 2: Pontedeume to Presedo (albergue), approx 30km

Day 3: Presedo to 3km after Buscas (Casa rural Anton Veiras), approx 28km

Day 4: Casa Rural Anton Veiras to Santiago, approx 30km

The Cicerone guide I have also breaks this walk into 4 stages but the days are slightly different:

Day 1: Ferrol to Pontedeume, approx 30km

Day 2: Pontedeume to Betanzos, approx 20km

Day 3: Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma, approx 28km

Day 4: Hospital de Bruma to Santiago, approx 40km


I can see the reasoning behind the Cicerone guide’s choice of days but I didn’t want to walk 40km into Santiago on day 4 and therefore tried to split the days into 30km increments. I’ll reflect on how this worked out at the end.


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