PCT Gear List

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Ok, here’s my almost finalized gear list. I would like to decrease the base weight* but the only way I can see this being possible is to cut out:

  • Stove – my Jetboil minimo including a 100ml gas canister weighs 645 grams… could I live without the stove eating cold meals with no hot coffee/chocolate?

  • Icebreaker tech-t (this would be a spare t-shirt that I would be carrying), 115 grams

  • Compass – do I need this if I have one on my phone and on my SOS device? 35 grams

  • Tripod – it only weighs 50 grams! If I haven’t used it daily within the first 2 weeks, I’ll post it home.

  • Knife – do I need one or will my Swiss Card knife (tiny!) be enough? 60 grams

* “Base weight” is the weight of the bag and contents before adding food or water. I will have capacity to carry 6 litres of water (+ ~6kg) and will be carrying 5 days of food on average (+ ~4kg).

 Here’s the summary:

 Category grams
BIG 4 2900
TOTAL 7834

And here’s the breakdown:

Item Name Description Qty Grams
Tent YAMA Mountain Gear DW Cirriform  1 765
Sleeping Bag WM Alpinlite & compression sack 1 965
Sleeping mat Women’s NeoAir X Lite 1 345
Backpack Gossamer Gear – Mariposa 1 825
Water Filter Sawyer Squeeze incl 1 litre bag 1 100
Water container Platy 2l bottle 2 72
Water back-up Aquamira drops 1 57
Stove Jetboil Minimo & 100g gas 1 645
Spoon MSR Folding spoon 1 10
Food storage bag Loksak Opsak odor proof bag 12″x20″ 1 45
Umbrella Euroschirm Swing Liteflex 1 225
Jacket OR Helium 2 1 160
Pack liner Trash Compactor Bag 1
Rain skirt Lightheart Gear Rain Wrap 1 91
Shoes Brooks Cascadia 10 1 0
Socks Darn Tough 1 0
Sock liners Injinji crew liners 1 0
Skirt Purple Rain Skirt 1 0
Underpants Icebreaker hipkini 1 0
Desert shirt Patagonia Sol Patrol L/S 1 0
Sports bra Sweaty Betty 1 0
Knee Brace LP Support 1 0
Sun hat 1 0
Sunglasses Dirty Dog Polarized 1 0
Gloves for desert (sun)   1 0
Gaiters Dirty Girl 1 0
Hiking Poles Carbon Pacerpoles 1 0
Baselayer top Icebreaker Oasis L/S Crewe 200 1 160
Baselayer bottoms Icebreaker Everyday Leggings 200 1 160
Socks Darn Tough 1 45
Beanie Mouse works 1 70
Earplugs 1 10
Drysack Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil, 4l 1 26
Wind pants Patagonia Houdini 1 95
T-shirt Icebreaker Tech T 1 115
Down Jacket MH Ghost Whisperer Down Hoody 1 203
Socks (1 spare) Darn Tough 1 40
Gloves Lowe Alpine Polartec 1 35
Camp shoes Bedrock Sandals – Gabbro 1 220
Phone & Case iPhone 5s & Mophie juice pack plus 1 205
Music player Nano – 6th generation 1 35
Camera, case & spare batt Sony RX100 III 1 355
Tripod Ultrapod 1 50
Solar Panel Poweradd Apollo 2 1 280
Cables & adaptor Phone/camera/nano/solar panel 1 145
Headlamp Petzl Tikka Plus 2 1 80
Headlamp batts – spare 3 x AAA lithium batteries 1 20
SOS Delorme InReach Explorer 1 200
Toothbrush, paste, & floss, soap 1 95
Toilet Paper, wetwipes 1 50
Lipbalm Vaseline SPF 15, 4g 1 10
Sunscreen SPF 50, 50ml 1 60
Bug spray Incognito spray (100% natural, deet free), 18ml 1 35
Hand sanitizer Antibacterial, 50ml 1 60
Hand cream Norwegian formula concentrated, 15ml 1 20
First aid & antibiotics Ibuprofen, painkillers, metronidazole (Giardia), antihistamines, plasters 1 365
 PackTowl Ultralite Medium  1  34
Compass Silva Ranger 1 35
Maps per 2 sections 1 90
Trowel Qiwiz original titanium 1 11
Ziplock bags Quart freezer bags for rubbish etc 5 30
Victorinox Swiss Card Scissors, tweezers, nail file… 1 25
Knife Opinel No.8 Outdoor Knife 1 60
Bug Head Net OR deluxe spring ring headnet 1 60
Microspikes (for Sierras) Kahtoola 1 420
Fleece Macpac hooded 1  285
Total grams   7,834

My Big 4: pack, sleeping bag, mattress & tent

My Kitchen: water filter, stove, spoon, food bag and water bladders

All my gear except what I’ll be wearing

 Any thoughts?

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8 responses to “PCT Gear List

  1. I am smiling at the trekking umbrella! I know they work, but its just so British! I venture to guess you won’t see another on the PCT! Godspeed! I can’t wait to read of your adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Liz 🙂 I’m hoping the umbrella will help provide shade through the desert (rigging it to my pack so I can use it hands free) and then as rain protection if it rains. I’ve never hiked with an umbrella before so I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂
      Buen Camino for your walk xxx


  2. Have a great time. I might suggest changi gnto a micro alcohol stove. Could bring the tiny msr rocket and buy some fuel if the alcohol does not pan out. Other than that perhaps reduce number ofnitems in first aid asnyou can restock along the way. I am in shikoku half way around for secondntime. Did an overuse injury maybe to Achilles tendon plus burni g quad. I will watch your progress.

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    • Hi Dara,
      I was originally going to get an alcohol stove but California is going through a major drought and so dry that bushfires are a common occurrence and at the moment only stoves with an on/off switch are permitted in most areas – so no alcohol stoves.
      I hope you’re having a terrific time back in Shikoku, ki o tsukete ne!


  3. Kat, I just found your blog, coincidentally after returning home from 3 days on the PCT (a few test days). I will be donating to you and following you. Keep up the great work. I would like to know how you like your solar charger? Keeping my phone charged, is one problem I am trying to solve. ~Ann


    • Thanks Ann 🙂 I’m actually using my Anker instead and I have the solar panel in my bounce box. I think my Anker is the E5 or something like that and it has more power than the solar charger.
      Happy trails!

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  4. I have been using pacer poles for three years now and LOVE them! I broke my fibula 13 weeks ago and had to crawl out the rugged trail to a road. Once on the road I could use my pacer poles as crutches to get me out. I am so glad I had them! Have fun out there and be safe.


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