Maps and Apps I’ll be using on the PCT

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I’ll be using Halfmile’s PCT maps which are free maps that can be downloaded to print and can also be saved as a PDF file to use on a phone (with Adobe or iBooks etc). I will be carrying both the printed maps for each section as well  as the PDF’s on my phone which can be used without needing wifi.

I will also be using the town guides from Yogi’s PCT Handbook which should help me find my way around each town and back to the trail.


I’m using the following apps:

  • Halfmile PCT    – (Free to download) –   “A companion app to Halfmile’s 2015 Pacific Crest Trail printed map set to aid navigation on the PCT. The app determines your location and, if on the PCT or one of its side trails, it calculates trail distances to over 3,000 PCT landmarks and presents any trail notes relevant for the location. Should a hiker stray off-trail, the app includes a live trail diagram to aid navigation back to the trail…”

  • Guthooks Hiking Guides   – (Pay per section) –  “The app shows your location on a map of the PCT, along with the trail itself, and hundreds of waypoints. If you’re searching for a particular location, simply search the list of waypoints by trail section, by popular locations, or by name. Don’t want to use your Internet connection or GPS? No problem. Hundreds of waypoints have attached photos, so you can get a sense of where you are by matching up the app’s photos with what you see on the trail…”

  • Etrails – This app was terrific for giving me more details about the trail and the flora/fauna. It often had more camp sites mentioned than my maps and I’m really glad I had this app.

  • PCTHYOH (Pacific Crest Trail Hike Your Own Hike, no longer available to download) – Can cache the water reports, fire reports, maps, trail conditions etc.

  • Earthmate – (Free to download) – This is an app that syncs with my Delorme InReach Explorer device. “Earthmate allows you to turn your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® into a satellite communicator when paired with inReach, enabling you to access these exclusive features: send and receive text messages, follow me / find me tracking, trip history and track points, topographic maps and NOAA charts, and global SOS.”

In towns I will be checking the water report at and saving them as a PDF on my phone (I already have them saved but will save the updated versions where wifi allows).

Hopefully with the printed maps, apps and a compass, I shouldn’t get too lost!


I will be hiking the 2,650 mile (4,264 km) Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada in April as one of 5 “mYAMAdventure” hikers and raising money for the non-profit Pacific Crest Trail Association. To find out more and donate, please click here. Thank you!!

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2 responses to “Maps and Apps I’ll be using on the PCT

  1. I am sure you on top of this but I doubt if you will be needing your ice axe. Panic is setting in in certain parts of the west side USA due to expected water shortage as very little snow has fallen this past winter in the Sierra mountains. Understand lowest fall of snow for past fifty years. Have a great walk.


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