Welcome to Scout and Frodo’s!

Scout & Frodo (Barney & Sandy Mann) are Trail Angels living in San Diego who open their house every year to PCT hikers about to start the trail.

Their kindness & generosity is outstanding.

I’ve been here for 2 nights and have seen probably 30 hikers come and go in this time.

Scout & Frodo pick hikers up from the airport, provide a place to sleep (either inside in the house or outside on camp beds), provide home-cooked wholesome & delicious meals, allow hikers to post packages here and then drop hikers off every morning at the beginning of the trail near Campo, 75km away.

They ask for nothing in return other than you donate to the Pacific Crest Trail Association if you can, to help keep the trail maintained.

As I said, their kindness & generosity is outstanding.

When I arrived here, I was stressed, anxious and feeling completely overwhelmed. Now I feel so relaxed I don’t want to leave! I imagine this is the same feeling I would have after going on a retreat, not the feelings I expected to have right before starting the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail!

Thank you Scout & Frodo, your kindness & generosity will never be forgotten!

Scout and Frodo

Scout and Frodo

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