PCT Day 39, Tehachapi (mile 558) to mile 577

Day 39
Tehachapi (mile 558) to mile 577, 19 miles
Cost: camped, free

We were up at 4:30am and back on the road to Tehachapi by 5:30am. We had a quick stop at Starbucks for coffee and I ate leftovers (popcorn, a boiled egg and yoghurt) for breakfast in the car as Costco drove us back. We arrived in Tehachapi just in time to return the cars by 9am.


Driving back to Tehachapi

Tentfire’s boyfriend had driven to Tehachapi from Portland so they could hike the sierras together and he gave us a lift back to the trailhead, thank you!

Back on the trail I walked through more wind farms (needless to say it was windy!), saw another rattlesnake (thanks Costco for waiting to tell me where it was) and I got a blister from my new Cascadia 9s 😦




Pasta for dinner in my tent because it’s so cold

2 responses to “PCT Day 39, Tehachapi (mile 558) to mile 577

  1. Kat My wife and I are fellow Camino Frances veterans. Being from Washington State I have hiked the PCT in Washington. You have the best scenery to come so we encourage you. We are perplexed regarding your shoe issues and especially your blister. You are a veteran walker and understand shoes/boots, socks, and skin moisturizers with aloe. Keep the wonderful postings coming. Steve

    Sent from my iPhone Steven A. Schmitz



  2. Isn’t Las Vegas amazing? We were totally thrilled with it all when we did that road trip in 2006. We didn’t get inside the Bellagio but watched the orchestrated water fountains for ages. Glad you managed to catch up with friends there, too. It was a great opportunity to recharge those batteries. Hope the shoes work out!?!


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