PCT Day 63, Zero in Mammoth Lakes

Day 63
Zero in Mammoth Lakes
Cost: Sierra Nevada Resort & Spa, $20 pp/pn

(Sorry I didn’t take any photos today in Mammoth)

We had arranged to meet Zigzag at The Breakfast club at 8am for breakfast but it was a struggle getting out of bed even though we’d all been awake for hours not wanting to make any noise and wake each other!

I had a breakfast burrito, mimosa and coffee, perfect fuel for a zero day! 

Then the rest of the day was spent doing errands – I bought new tweezers from the pharmacy (to remove prickles etc), energy bars and a plastic bottle to store olive oil in from the outfitter, donuts from the German bakery, I picked up my resupply box from the Motel 6, then I aired out my tent on the grass next to the pool at the hotel, washed my stove, backflushed my filter, fixed my cup with tenacious tape (it’s the measuring cup from the jetboil and it has a crack across the entire bottom), then updated my blog. By the time I had done all this it was 5pm. Teflon and I then went to Vons supermarket to buy extra food for this stage and decided to buy a rotisserie chicken and salad for dinner. 

On the way back to the hotel we walked past Roberto’s Mexican and I realised I hadn’t had a margarita yet in Mammoth. Teflon was easily persuaded to stop via the Mexican and it just so happened to be happy hour with half price margaritas and free nachos and quesadillas, perfect timing! I tried their house margarita (lovely) then we went back to the hotel, ate our chicken and salad and packed our bags ready to leave (after breakfast) tomorrow. 


2 responses to “PCT Day 63, Zero in Mammoth Lakes

  1. Hi Hummingbird,
    Was talking with a friend tonight and mentioned we hadn’t heard from you in a few days. Then here you popped up. I am very impressed by your perseverance. Your photos are extraordinary and the ability to carry that pack weight is impressive.
    I just finished “walking” the 88 Temples with you tonight. It took me only three hours! Ha! Can’t believe you did 50 kilometers many a day. The kindness of all the people along the route really stands out. The gifts, the overnight offers!
    Enjoying your journey.

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    • Hi Lynda, phone service has been pretty non-existent out here for the past 2 weeks or so but I’m taking a zero tomorrow and will make sure to get my blog up to date before I leave town… 3 hours to hike the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage is impressive 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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