PCT Day 75, Mile 1046 to mile 1068

Day 75
Mile 1046 to 1068, 22 miles
Cost: camped, free

We woke up to blue skies and no smoke and it had been a very warm night but that meant the mosquitoes were out straight away!

There were more beautiful wildflowers and volcanic rock formations. 


Mariposa Lily


Smoky haze

We were lucky it wasn’t smoky in the morning but we soon walked through an area where the smoke stung your eyes and you could taste it in your throat. We walked fast to get through the smoke as quickly as possible.

It was another hot day and it felt like we were stopping at every stream to fill up on water, I just couldn’t get enough. It almost feels like the heat of being back in the dessert, I think there’s a heatwave going on. 

Got to camp early (~6pm), had dinner then sang along to songs on Mr Smith’s phone, (while all squashing dozens of mosquitoes in our hands, it was really quite gross all the dead mosquito carcasses but we have enough bites already!) It was an awesome night, I’m having so much fun with these guys!


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