PCT Day 78, Zero Day in South Lake Tahoe

Day 78
Zero Day in South Lake Tahoe
Cost: Budget Inn, South Lake Tahoe, $22 pp/pn 

I woke up in a panic thinking it was after midday and I’d overslept… It was 8am! I stayed in bed and updated the blog for a while, before having a delicious breakfast of yoghurt, berries, granola, a peach, donut and coffee, in bed 🙂

I finally got up and decided it was time to do all the other errands. I walked to the bus stop and waited forever for a bus to come, it was free today for some reason so that was nice. I told the bus driver I needed to go to the main post office and he told me he’d let me know when we got to that stop.

At the post office I picked up my bounce box and took out: new tips for my hiking poles, a new toothbrush, toothpaste and my lightweight gloves. I put back in the bounce box: my fleece, micro spikes, north face wet-weather pants and ski gloves. Hopefully this will lighten my pack a little. 

From the post office I walked back to the bus stop and took the bus back to the outfitter. Yesterday I had bought a stuff sack to put my food in (I’m still using an Opsak but it’s too full it doesn’t close!) but it wasn’t big enough and I needed to swap it for a larger one. From the outfitter I went back to the bus stop, the driver had told me there would be one at 15 & 45 past the hour so I got there at 5 past the hour and waited more than a hour for the bus to come… I’m not the most patient of people. I gotta admit South Lake Tahoe was one of my least favourite town stops just because of how far away everything was and having to rely on taking busses or walking miles… It’s a car kinda place. 

When I got back to the hotel we all left to go out for dinner, which meant taking another bus! We had been recommended a pizza place called Basecamp. It was full when we arrived so we put our names on the waitlist then went around the corner to a Mexican restaurant called Azul so I could continue my margarita tour of  the PCT. It was happy hour and their $5 house margarita was the best one I’ve had yet.

The pizza at Basecamp was great and we had enough to take away with us for breakfast. 


Margaritas at Azul

Pizza at Basecamp

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