PCT Day 79, Echo Lake Resort to mile 1,110

Day 79
Echo Lake Resort to mile 1110, 16 miles
Cost: Camped by Dick’s lake, free

I had a Breakfast of champions today: a peach, donut, leftover pizza, leftover blue cheese, crackers and coffee 🙂

Russ came by around 11am and gave us a ride back to the trail at Echo Lake resort, thanks again Russ!

We started hiking around midday,  and there were lots of day hikers walking along the trail or taking boats across lake. 

Within the first 15 minutes I stepped to the side to let a dayhiker pass and I rolled my ankle again. It made a loud popping noise again and I crashed to the ground. I didn’t care about being embarrassed in front of the day hikers, I was just worried I wouldn’t be able to stand up. It really hurt and I had to sit there for a few seconds breathing deeply and trying to figure out if it was still attached. I think I may have torn the same ligament because it was painful all day long. 

I would say I was on the struggle bus today after that happened. The trail was uneven, slippery and rocky all day and I really needed it to be flat. It was also incredibly hot. 

Mrs Smith making a sign for Teflon who we also call Rabbit


1,100 miles 🙂



Mr & Mrs Smith and I met Teflon and Russ at Aloha lake for lunch. It’s a beautiful lake and reminded me of thousand island lake. We said goodbye to Russ here as he was hiking back to his car at Echo Lake. 

We climbed up to Dick’s pass where there were terrific views and phone service but no water, so we continued down the other side looking for somewhere to camp and water. We got to camp just before 8pm so by the time we’d set up camp, got water etc we weren’t eating dinner until about 8:45pm. 

There was a beautiful sunset and moon reflections on the lake. 



Dick’s Lake


Snow smiley face!


Moon rising over Dick’s lake

5 responses to “PCT Day 79, Echo Lake Resort to mile 1,110

  1. Ugh! So sad to hear that you re-injured your ankle. I can’t believe how far you have gotten since I last was able to read your blog. Hang in there. Ultreia!


  2. Hey hummingbird….

    Thinking about you, your ankle and walking…. Walking …walking. Hope tomorrow is a better day! Sending you a hug from Oregon 🙂


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