PCT Day 81, Mile 1138 to 1163

Day 81
Mile 1138 to 1163, 25 miles
Cost: Camped behind Peter Grubb hut (no room inside)  

Today was a day of going up and over passes and we thought this meant we might have a chance to get phone service, we were right – I had it almost all day, the first time in forever! 

I sat on top of the first pass enjoying the view and updating my blog for about an hour, then it got too hot. It was another hot and very humid day. 

I was surprised to see so many day hikers but they were all out enjoying the wildflowers that are still covering the hills. 



Thunder clouds rolled in when I was on top of tinkers knob then chased me over the ridge and stayed right on top of me for the next few hours. There were 11 claps of thunder right on top of me but no lightning and I ran from trees to trees – I was surprised how fast I could run considering my sore ankle, dodgy knees and heavy pack! 



This is what the PCT throws at me when I want to hike fast!


When I got to Donner Pass, I was extremely delighted to see an icebox with beer and coke inside it – thank you!! I sat down and had a beer and my lunch that is not eaten yet and met Spigot, Wrangler, Ghost, Colin and Valley. 


While I was sitting at Donner Pass there was no thunder, but soon after I left it started up again, this time with lightning too. I had 7 miles to go and they were very adventurous, the lightning flashed every few seconds, the heavens opened, the thunder above my head was deafening and I really hoped that as I ran from tree group to tree group, that I wasn’t ever huddled under the tallest tree! I was a little nervous to say the least! 

I finally arrived at the hut but it was apparently full with a school group so I set up my tent with a lightning show around me and saw a stunning sunset.


Donner Pass


Walking under a highway


6 responses to “PCT Day 81, Mile 1138 to 1163

  1. I was one of the day hikers you met on this section. I enjoyed chatting and playing leapfrog with you for a little while. I’m pretty sure that the pretty pink flowers we saw just before Tinker Knob are called pink gilia. And just after I came down from not-quite summiting Tinker I met Teflon. BTW the butterfly from the previous day looks a lot like the (maybe) Hoffman’s checkerspot I saw farther south recently.

    Thank you for directing me to your blog — and for the info about your caminos and Cinque Terre. Safe travels!

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  2. Another day of lovely flowers and beautiful scenery. Glad you made it safely to your destination. And that you are able to jog/run is beyond amazing.


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