PCT Day 84, Unintentional zero day as we hitched from Truckee back to Sierra City

Day 84
Unintentional zero day as we hitched from Truckee back to Sierra City
Cost: Camped at the church, free

GG’s husband offered us a ride to the highway where we could hitch back to Sierra City so we left at 7:30am with a quick stop via a pharmacy and McDonald’s for a takeaway breakfast. 

We were dropped off on the highway heading towards Sierraville and were soon all picked up by a lovely lady who was on her way to a concert in Quincy. She dropped us off on highway 49 at her turnoff to Quincy and ours to Sierra City. This is where we came into a bit of trouble trying to get a hitch… There were no cars heading our direction but lots heading the other way! We must’ve been standing there for more than an hour when a car stopped and said they could fit two of us… This is what happened!

It was a little squishy with 4 people and 3 backpacks in the back seat but we made it work!

It was lunch time when we finally made it back to Sierra City so we headed to the Red Moose Inn for lunch, then we would start hiking.

After lunch we were all stuffed, it was incredibly hot, and there was a massive climb we had to do… We decided to have a quick siesta on the grass. The Smiths then decided they may as well stay the night because they were still waiting on a package and I was easily convinced to stay with them and rest my ankle (which does still really hurt). KC stayed too, we had Mexican and margaritas for dinner, used the wifi at the store to start watching Paddington and cowboy camped at the church.



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