PCT Day 83, Mile 1189 to Sierra City

Day 83
Mile 1189 to Sierra City (mile 1197.5),  8.5 miles
Cost: Stayed at GG’s ski lodge in Truckee for the 4th July, $10

It was terrific sleeping in just my net and being able to see the stars all night, although the little blue pill that Mrs Smith gave me (Tylenol PM) definitely helped me to sleep a lot better than usual. 



The alarm was set for 5am because we were all excited to get into Sierra City for breakfast. 

We had a small ascent then most of the remainder of the morning was downhill through a beautiful rainforest  with moss covered trees, banana slugs and across 3 bridges. It was lovely and  cool. 



A banana slug – I put my foot there for scale

     We hit the road then turned left and walked the 1.5 miles into Sierra City. The name is a little deceiving, it’s a tiny little town with a population of 250 but it’s incredibly quaint. It’s an old gold mining town and a lot of the buildings are from the mid 1800s. From what I could see there was a library, a visitor centre, a general store and a couple of restaurants. 


This was a photo on the wall inside the Red Moose Inn



The old miner’s hotel built in 1886

 We went straight to the Red Moose Inn for breakfast, it was very hiker friendly and the food was good. Our next stop was the Sierra City Country Store to pick up our resupply boxes and buy extra food. Mr Smith got a piece of cardboard and a marker and Mrs Smith made a sign saying Truckee then we walked down the road a little and tried to get a hitch. It wasn’t easy! 


After about half an hour a young guy called Reese stopped and picked us up. He was heading to the mountains to go fishing for the weekend and he was incredibly kind to go an hour out of his way to take us all the way to Truckee… We hadn’t realised just how far away Truckee was! Reese took us to the ski lodge and we dropped off our packs then took him to the local pizzeria and bought him lunch to say thank you. Thanks Reese!

On the walk back to the lodge, we stopped via a supermarket and bought some supplies to take with us to the lake to watch the fireworks then back at the ski lodge we showered, did laundry, backflushed our water filters, I washed my stove then it was almost time to think about dinner!

Taco Bell was on the way so we had a quick dinner there before continuing onto the lake and found a good spot to watch the fireworks. They started at 9:30pm and lasted for half an hour with a chorus of people shouting Happy 4th July. 




8 responses to “PCT Day 83, Mile 1189 to Sierra City

  1. Hey do you see “Double Puff” (Alex Mason). She was near mile 1189 six days ago. I am following her blog too. I am soooooo envious of you guys. I appreciate you guys sharing your stories!


  2. Loving the blog. Thanks for making the effort to write it, especially after hiking each day! I have one question; how busy have you found the trail since starting? I saw on the PCTA website that most days in the “window” had all 50 permits booked. Have you felt it to be particularly busy or cramped?


    • Hi Matthew, the trail was definitely busier in the desert but has thinned out since the sierras. For most of the sierras I never saw anyone other than the group I was hiking with and lately I might see 4 or 5 other people on the trail each day.


      • Thanks for the info. It’s funny comparing information from the trail compared to what previous thrus have been saying on forums. I hope your Ankle holds up. Good luck!


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