PCT Day 89, Hiker Haven to Mile 1305

Day 89
Hiker Haven to Mile 1305, 22 miles
Cost: camped, free

Everyone was pretty grumpy in the morning from the lack of sleep (trains and people coming and going through the front door all night), but I slept great and felt fine 🙂


Sleeping on the deck at Hiker Haven (The Braatans)

We had a long, big 5,000 foot climb over 14 miles when we got back on the trail so we filled up our water bottles from the kitchen, which happened to be untreated spring water. I’ve treated every water source so far (even springs), because I really don’t want to take any chances in getting sick – I ended up in hospital in Spain on my last camino last year with gastro so I know how horrible it is to be unwell on the trail! I figured with probably at least 5 hikers staying here every night and some/most of them drinking the water without treating it, if anyone had been sick I’m sure it would’ve been all over the Facebook PCT page, so I filled up my bottles without treating it and hoped I would be ok. 

We walked the road 1 mile back to the trail in the cool but humid morning. 

Then began the 14 miles of 5,000 foot elevation climb, it was hot and so humid!


        I went ahead at one point (I’m usually the slowest and last one with my sore ankle) and waited for the others to catch up at the very top while balancing on a rock and trying to get phone service. I managed to get enough service to order an ankle brace off Amazon to be sent to Burney. Thank you Zigzag and Mrs Zigzag for researching and recommending a brace for me 🙂


I dont’t condone this graffiti, but this was the only mention of the 1300 mile marker that I saw


We got to a campsite and the fog settled in soon after setting up camp and eating dinner. The temperature dropped and we were all suddenly very cold, I think we’re in for a cold and wet night if the fog stays. 


3 responses to “PCT Day 89, Hiker Haven to Mile 1305

  1. Cheers to the Zigzag’s helping to get an ankle brace for you. Cheers to Hummingbird for wearing the brace. Hip… Hip … Hooray… may the force be with you..

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